Wednesday, December 31, 2008

In Celebration of the Kwanzaa Principle of Creativity, Sign the Petition Today: Make the Life of Artists a Priority

Many artists and writers live without health insurance and struggle with issues of housing and security.

Deep cuts in federal funding for the arts and education have exacerbated difficulties. In the less than a month, Congress will pass a $600 billion stimulus package in order to stimulate the economy and help create jobs.

A group on Facebook-- One Percent for the Arts Campaign! A Stimulus Plan for the Arts-- asks that the arts be included in this package.

Join artists and activists in calling on Congress to make the arts a priority.

Today is the 6th Kwanzaa Principle-- Kuumba, which means Creativity. Support your artist community today by signing the petition. If you are on Facebook, visit to learn other ways to make a difference.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Kwanzaa Celebration @ the Artmosphere Cafe in MD Celebrates w/Music

Who knew that DC singing soultress Afi Soul was a talented event MC host as well as a dope singer? Well, I didn't and was pleasantly pleased when she hit the stage at last night's Kwanzaa celebration held at the sublime artist cafe Artmosphere located in Mt. Rainier, Maryland. With her artistic partner Obi of the House of Ra, Afi hosted a phenomenal Kwanzaa experience that engaged and delighted audience members as the festivities included live performances by several local performers young and old.

(All photos by Khadijah Ali-Coleman & Ben Dawson for MYST Media Solutions, LLC)

The Kwanzaa principle for today is Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics), and in the spirit of economic buildng and support, take the time out today to support businesses in your community by donating to allow the business to continue to thrive and enjoy your patronage. You can donate to a website or business of your choice (like, an independent artist (like Afi Soul and many of the artists on by purchasing their CD, book or piece of visual art or a brick and mortar business like Artmosphere ( whose existence depends on your support.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Kwanzaa Time Is Here!

Kwanzaa Time is Here!

Kwanzaa is a spiritual, festive and joyous celebration of the oneness and goodness of life, which claims no ties with any religion. The focus of Kwanzaa is centered around the seven principles (Nguzo Saba) with particular emphasis on the unity of our Black families. It is a time for gathering of our families, and for a rededication to manifesting the principles of Kwanzaa (Nguzo Saba) as a way of life for Black Americans.


UMOJA (UNITY) (oo-MOE-jah)
IMANI (FAITH) (ee-MAH-nee)

(Visit HERE for more information on the Nguzo Saba)

KWANZAA, the African-American cultural holiday conceived and developed by Dr. Maulana Ron Karenga, was first celebrated on December 26, 1966. Kwanzaa is traditionally celebrated from December 26 through January 1, with each day focused on Nguzo Saba, or the seven principles. Derived from the Swahili phrase "matunda ya kwanza" which means "first fruits", Kwanzaa is rooted in the first harvest celebrations practiced in various cultures in Africa.

Liberated Muse member--DC-based soul singer, Afi Soul --will be having a Kwanzaa celebration during this holiday. The event is FREE and will take place at the Artmosphere Cafe this Sunday, December 28th. The Artmosphere is located at 3311 Rhode Island Avenue, Mt. Ranier, MD. Doors open at 7. Performers include Sol Elder, Farafina Khan and, of course, Afi Soul! For more information, contact Afi thru the Liberated Muse network or email her @

You can get a complimentary version of the song "Kwanzaa Time" by emailing You can hear the song in its entiriety on the main page of the Liberated Muse network.


Click Here to get a FREE CRAFT ACTIVITY to do with the family. Make an UMOJA WREATH!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Top 10 Funniest YouTube Videos of 2008-- What's Yours?

Number 10-- Bush and THE HANDSHAKE

Number 9-- Sarah Palin and THE BUSH DOCTRINE

Number 8--Solange Knowles & THE STAGE DANCER

Really good sport, Solange is.

Number 7-- All the Mutations of of THE SONG

With all of the many videos parodying this song, this is one of the funnier ones.

Number 6-- Joe Scarborough Drops THE F-Word

Hilarious when news anchors who are so judgemental in their critiques make blunders and aren't even aware they are making a blunder while LIVE on air.

Number 5-- Sarah Palin and THE TURKEY

What on earth is going on with that guy in the background? This is on the list because it is ludicrous beyond ludicrous-iosity!

Number 4-- Charlie and THE FINGER

This was posted in 2007 but grew metoric acclaim this year, even appearing in a commercial recently. Precious.

Number 3--David Gregory on THE TODAY SHOW Feeling "Just Fine"

Ok, this was shot in 2007, but I didn't see it until 2008, so, it makes the list! David Gregory is the star of this video hands down. Sorry, Mary.

Number 2-- Scarlet Taking THE TUMBLE

Man, there are no words. What is great about this is how great a sport she is. Glad she's ok.

Number 1-- George Bush and THE SHOE

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Call for Submissions EXTENDED!

Liberated Muse Productions is still accepting submissions for its anthology Liberated Muse, Volume I: How I Freed My Soul


The NEW deadline for submissions is January 5, 2009.
All submissions should be emailed to
Visit HERE for details

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Poet .jade foster Hosts Poetry Open Mic in Washington DC

Received this in an email:
" the deal: open mic, featured artist. cash bar. traveling salon. and in a valiant effort to erase ego and encourage unity: always always a house party. and this month's host is ... ME!"
Who is "ME"? Me is the fantastic poet .jade foster, an enigmatic 20-something who is a DC-born creative phenom. Her work has been featured in various poetry anthologies
Check out her poem/photo collage poem@twenty below and click HERE for her MySpace page.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Poet Bridget Gray and Others Featured in Award-Winning Documentary

(In video: Bridget Gray and her popular "Letter to Hip Hop")

Los Angeles filmmaker Bob Bryan has unveils his seventh powerful installment in his multi award-winning Documentary Series entitled GV7 RANDOM URBAN STATIC: The Iridescent Equations of SPOKEN WORD.

He is releasing two (2) versions: An Unofficially Rated G Version for General Audiences, Schools and Libraries and the Original Unedited Version for those who do not mind some “raw street vernacular.” Both versions will have a Running time of 2 hours.

Bob Bryans’ last documentary GV6 THE ODYSSEY explored the point of views of 31 contemporary Literary Page Poets. GV6 THE ODYSSEY deals with those Poets who write words for the page, while GV7 RANDOM URBAN STATIC probes the reality of those Poets that write for the stage.

Not all the poets shared a deep abiding love for hip-hop in its current incarnation. Many of the Poets feel that Hip-hop has within its grasp the potential to be a positive catalyst for massive personal & social change. They feel unfortunately that its potential has been severely underdeveloped and in some cases perversely denigrated by some of its commercial practitioners.

But at the same time other poets in GV7 openly discuss issues of date-rape, the courage to be an artist, the psychological repression of women, How Hip-hop can help or Hurt, HIV-AIDS & homosexuality, image vs. reality, obsessions, race-consciousness, anorexia, self-love, the high-jacking of black men’s masculinity & vunerability, disappointment with God, insanity, self-loathing, inspiration and salvation.

"Noone can say these poets tread lightly or try to avoid issues that we all, in some way or another grapple with. It's what makes this expression so relative, ” says Filmmaker Bob Bryan.

Visit for more information.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bassey Ikpi Hosts Spoken Word Event Featuring Some of DC's Hottest Talent

Yesterday, Dec. 12, Wil Christian of State Farm insurance presented an early evening private function whose featured host was the incomprable Bassey Ikpi-- a renowned poet and television personality. Christian, with Liberated Muse Production co-founder Maceo Thomas, held the event at Mike Craig--The Proper Name in Men's Grooming which is an upscale spa for men located in Washington D.C.

The event attracted phenomenal artists including producer Alexei Jendayi of Fly Gypsy and poets LOVE and New Haiku.

Check out Fly Gypsy's "The Ruler"

Check out Bassey on Def Jam Poetry

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Revolution Begins With Tee

Tee Party @ Tiffany's:

"Revolution Begins With Tee [shirts]"

Friday, December 12

6 - 11 pm@ Arlington Arts Center

3550 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA (Metro: Virginia Square)

Music: DJ Anish

Buy all your holiday presents!

6 - 10 pm

Live t-shirt stenciling by DC51

6:30 pm and 8:30 pm

Tee Party Fashion Show

Featuring designs by:Kristina Bilonick, Billy Colbert, DC51, DECOY, Cory Oberndorfer, Lisa Marie Thalhammer

7:00 pm

Panel Discussion: The intersection between art and fashion

Moderator: Kristina Bilonick

Billy Colbert - Artist

Rachel Cothran - Project Beltway

Tom Pipkin - DC Source

Josh Tiktin - Dekka

(The t-shirt in the photo above is designed by MYST Media Solutions, LLC and can be found at

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Exhibit Showcases African-American Celebration

Christian Mayr, Kitchen Ball at White Sulphur Springs, Virginia, 1838Courtesy North Carolina Museum of Art

The Smithsonian's Anacostia Community Museum in Washington DC presents the exhibit "Jubilee", curated by Portia James. The exhibit's open house was Tuesday, December 9 for the press to view the exhibit and ask James questions.

"Jubilee" examines historical and contemporary African American holidays and celebrations from around the country. More than 50 holidays, celebratory traditions and occasions are presented in a season-based journey through a calendar year. Observances profiled include those no longer existing, ones created in response to significant events (such as Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation), regional favorites and black traditions associated with mainstream holidays. Also covered are leisure-time activities, college and church homecomings, black Greek organizations' events, family reunions and recent holidays like Kwanzaa and Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

James discussed the history of these celebrations highlighting little-known facts and folklore presented in the exhibition through photographs, artifacts, costumes, documents, music, video and interviews. Among the exhibition features are the 1800s' wedding dress of an enslaved African woman, an interview with Congressman John Conyers on the King Holiday and the 1897 bronze studies for sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens' tribute to Robert Gould Shaw and the all-black 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry of the Union Army.

Peter Robinson, Jr loaned military artifacts from his father, a World War I veteran and the son of enslaved Africans. He discussed the special significance of Veterans Day to African Americans.

Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum, 1901 Fort Place SE

Monday, December 8, 2008

Liberated Muse Productions Partners with Y&P for Obama for the 2009 Inaugaration Festivities

Liberated Muse Productions partnered with Young & Powerful for Obama during the 2008 election campaign that won Obama the presidential election. During the week of inaugural activities, Young & Powerful will be presenting a series of activities that you can purchase tickets from through your Liberated Muse network. Tickets will sell-out pretty fast, so please get yours TODAY!
Check out some of the activities:
Saturday, January 17, 2009
Young & Powerful Launch and Networking Social
Sunday, January 18, 2009
Young & Powerful Presidential Brunch
Monday, January 19, 2009
Young & Powerful Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast &
Young & Powerful Roundtable Political Forum &
Young & Powerful Black Tie Gala & Awards Ceremony
Tuesday, January 20, 2009
Young & Powerful Inaugural Semi-Formal Affair
You will be able to purchase tickets for these events on the main page of our Liberated Muse social network. Click HERE to access that page and get prices.
Liberated Muse Helps You Rent Your Home for the Inaugual Festivities
Maceo Thomas, co-founder of Liberated Muse Productions, is a licensed real estate agent with Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc. He has been commissioned by various homeowners to find renters for inaugaration week. Please contact us at so Maceo can you help you find comfortable housing during the inaugural festivities or help you safely rent your home for the 2009 inaugural festivities.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Toni Morrison Tonight in Washington DC

"Those millions of readers familiar with Toni Morrison’s work, in particular her novel Beloved, won’t be surprised at the numerous instances of brutality and deprivation in her new book, A Mercy, the Nobel Prize winner’s ninth novel and her first since Beloved to depict American slavery—albeit in a very early, seventeenth-century form. What may well throw them for a loop is the redemptive tone: a pristine landscape, a compassionate white Northern farmer, and a notable absence of racial animosity—felt even more keenly in an election year with a full deck of race cards. In A Mercy, Jacob Vaark’s collection of laborer-charges (a Native American, a black child, an orphan, and two indentured servants) are united by and against a spreading culture of servitude that has little to do with skin color." New York Times

Morrison will be in Washington DC tonight to discuss this new book and all of the themes addressed.

“I really wanted to get to a place before slavery was equated with race,” Morrison told New York Times reporter Boris Kachka. “Whether they were black or white was less important than what they owned and what their power was.”

Today's Event:

Title: Toni Morrison: A Mercy

Date: Thursday December 4, 2008

Time: 7:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Location: Politics & ProseStreet: 5015 Connecticut Ave Nw

City State Zip: Washington, District of Columbia 20008

Thanks to poet Dehija Maat for the heads-up!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Filmmaker Patrick O'Brien Documents His Life with Terminal Illness

It's October. On the occasion of his 34th birthday, Maryland resident Patrick O'Brien is not only happy to be alive, he is beaming over the near completion of his first major film.

Only a few years ago, Patrick, then known as the wildly outrageous "Transfatty" to the New York City creative underground, could not have imagined a more perfect or compelling story line. Always fascinated with the disabled (his short film "Deep in the Heart of Nexus" chronicles a young disabled woman getting dressed), he had long searched for a story like his own. At age 34, he never thought he would be on the opposite side of the camera, much less that he would be enjoying it.

Patrick began to chronicle his terminal illness in the fall of 2006, just months after receiving his ALS diagnosis. Leaving the high paying world of commercial directing wasn't easy, but necessary to focus on his life's work: a feature length documentary about the disease. ALS, commonly referred to as "Lou Gehrig's disease", aggressively kills motor neuron cells in the body causing paralysis and eventual death, with the average lifespan being three to five years. Knowing time was in short supply, Patrick gathered his friends and other creatives to start documenting the disease as it unleashed itself upon Patrick's body, the film's moving canvas.

Currently in post production, the film will highlight all aspects of the disease with humor and grim honesty, something Patrick is well known for as a director. Controversies aside, Patrick hopes the film will get the attention of the media to spread the word about a disease which has little research funding. From protesting naked outside the White House in his wheelchair to having a true "love child", every step of his journey has been filmed, much of it captured on breathtaking 35mm film.

True to form, Patrick titled the upcoming film "Everything Will Be Okay…or How I Learned to Transcend Form, Live in the Now, and Make Love in My Electric Wheelchair." His ever loyal fans are looking forward to the new film, which will not fall far from the Transfatty tree. The man who gave them "Three breasted paraplegic DJ" and "Supermodel Meat Sports" would give them nothing less.

"Everything Will Be Okay" is a fiscally sponsored program through the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA).

About Patrick O'Brien:
Patrick O'Brien is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts film program in New York City. He currently resides in Silver Spring, Maryland with his family while he completes his documentary.

Double Vision: Twin Artists Hold Exhibit Reception in Maryland this Weekend

(In photo: Emancipation of Rachel by Sherry Burton-Ways)
Twin sisters, Sharon J. Burton and Sherry Burton-Ways, will hold an art exhibit of collages and mixed media, entitled “Double Visions,” from November 18, 2008, through January 3, 2009, at the Space 7:10 of Kefa Cafe,in Silver Spring, MD.
Sharon and Sherry are members of the Liberated Muse social network and prolific artists who have appeared in various exhibits throughout the United States. Their work incorporates a fusion of materials that they use in their respective art of collage and doll-making. Both artists speak to the culture and traditions of the African diaspora through their work.

There will be a special reception on Friday, December 5, from 6:30p.m. to 8:30 p.m., at which the artists will talk about their work.

The exhibit will be open Monday through Thursday from 7 am – 5 pm, Fridays from 7 am until 9 pm and Saturdays from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.The sisters’ artwork is a series of mixed media, including dolls and collages that provide a snapshot of inner thoughts and celebrates women of all cultures and backgrounds.
Burton describes her artwork as: “a series of images and words which invites the viewer to take time to escape the everyday to visualize inner hopes and dreams.” Ways says that her artwork concentrates on “the artistic and stylish side of women and the everyday quirky yet fashionable sides of life.”

Sherry Ways' studio Sankofa Doll Artistry is featured in the December issue of East of the River.

"Double Visions" special reception on Dec. 5 will feature poetry by Def Jam poet Bassey Ikpi. Ikpi will be a reviewer of the Liberated Muse Productions anthology "How I Freed My Soul" which will debut in Spring 2009. (shameless plug:-)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Embracing Our Differences Call for Submissions

(Photo "Unlikely Attraction" by Khadijah Ali-Coleman)

Embracing Our Differences invites artists, photographers, professionals, amateurs, teachers and students to participate in its 5th annual visual art exhibit celebrating diversity. National and international submissions are encouraged. 39 artists will be selected for the exhibit. The Embracing Our Differences exhibit will be displayed throughout the month of April 2009 at Island Park along Sarasota’s beautiful bayfront.

The exhibit will also be displayed throughout the month of May 2009 in North Port, Florida. Since 2004, the exhibit has been viewed by more than 400,000 visitors. The exhibit will contain 39 billboard-sized (16 feet wide by 12 1/2 feet high) images of the selected artworks.Final selections will be chosen based on artistic excellence in reflection of the theme “Embracing Our Differences”.

The art-work will also be evaluated on how effectively it will read outdoors when enlarged to billboard size – 16 feet wide by 12 1/2 feet high. Artists are encouraged to use bold saturated colors and strong lines. Final selections will be made by a 3-judge panel of professional artists, curators and art professionals. A total of $2,500.00 in awards will be presented.

Deadline for submission is January 8, 2009. There is no submission fee.

The mission of Embracing Our Differences is to use art as a catalyst for creating awareness and promoting the value of diversity, the benefits of inclusion and the significance of the active rejection of hatred and prejudice.

Submission forms and more information concerning past winning submissions are available online.

Found this info on a great site called The Art List, a wonderful resource for visual artists.

DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities Roster

Performing Artist Roster ProgramApplication deadline: Friday, December 19 at 7:00 pm The DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities is currently accepting applications from individuals and non-profit organizations for the Performing Artist Roster Program (PAR). The roster showcases some of the District’s most talented artists in dance, music, and theater. Performing artists featured in the roster have demonstrated their artistic excellence and have been reviewed by an independent peer review panel of area arts professionals.

The purpose of the program is to promote artistic exchanges between Washington, D.C. and Maryland. The goals of the program are to promote the artistic excellence and development of District of Columbia performing artists by enhancing their marketability and touring capacity through successful touring engagements beyond their home state, professional development workshops, and roster campaign promotions.

A link to the program guidelines and a fill-in PDF application form are currently available on the home page of our website under “Agency News” at

For more information please contact:Charles Barzon, Arts Program AssistantDC Commission on the Arts and HumanitiesPhone: 202-724-5613Email:
Thanks to Margaux of Sol y Sol & the Saartjie Project for passing this on.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Call for Visual Artists for Event "When Harlem Came to Paris"

Liberated Muse social network member, Gemini Visions and her company Authentic Contemporary Art and several co-sponsors will be partnering with Lil SoSo Productions and the Alliance Française de Washington ( to celebrate the influence of African Americans in France with the multi-media arts event: When Harlem Came to Paris, Saturday, February 28, 2009 in Washington, DC. This event celebrates the rich history and culture of Black American writers, artists and musicians who came to Paris from the 1920s and 1930s, the period often referred to as the Harlem Renaissance. The event will be held at the Alliance Française de Washington and will feature food, music and performances by local musicians, actors, and actresses in character, depicting the sounds and personalities of the era. A Silent Charity Art Auction will be held simultaneously during the event. This will be the second year that LiL SoSo and the Alliance will be co-sponsoring this event.
Entry Guidelines & Requirements
Authentic Contemporary Art will provide coordination of the visual art aspect of the event.Each artwork submitted must represent the artist’s interpretation of the influence of African American culture on the visual art, music, literary or social scene in Paris during the 1920s/1930s. The work may be abstract or representational.Themes may include:African influences on art and culture of ParisCafé scenes of Paris in the 1920s and 1930sNightclub and Entertainment of Paris in the 1920s and 1930s
Visit HERE to get more information. Visit Authentic Contemporary Art's founder's page on Liberated Muse HERE (you have to sign up for FREE to be part of the network in order to view this page)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Join Novelist Ananda Leeke & Bloggers Around the World on World AIDS Day 2008

On December 1st, bloggers from around the world will unite for World AIDS Day 2008. Worldwide an estimated 33 million people are living with HIV. In the United States, an estimated one million Americans are living with HIV. In response, both the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of HIV/AIDS Policy’s have come together to share HIV/AIDS information with the blogging community for World AIDS Day 2008.

On December 1st in recognition of World AIDS Day 2008, Liberated Muse Productions will take part in this historic day of awareness. We encourage you to take part by adding your voice through your own blog on our Liberated Muse social network and by commenting on our blog post for that day. Together, we can reduce the stigma of this pandemic through our words, voices and actions.

Other Ways To Participate

As a blogger, you can help lead this mission. Some of you may already be doing this, so tell your story. Write about it and share it with NIDA, and the Bloggers Unite community. Even if you are not a blogger, you can be involved. Here are five ways you can further the cause and elevate the voice of HIV/AIDS awareness online:

(1) 'Be-Friend' NIDA and on MySpace to stay connected to the issue and those working within it. Learn the link about HIV/AIDS and drug abuse by viewing NIDA’s online Webisodes, a video series about how non-injection drug use can lead to increased risk behavior, and can change lives forever. Once you learn the link, be sure to send the link to friends and family.

(2) Visit the blog and read how people are using new media tools in the response to HIV/AIDS.

(3) Join the Facing AIDS World AIDS Day Campaign and take a picture of yourself wearing a red ribbon and use that photo on your social network, blog, or Web site to help eliminate stigma and recognize World AIDS Day online. Also, add a badge to your website or blog.

(4)Blog and read about the issue. Then be sure to share your posts with Bloggers Unite or on Twitter using the tag #WAD08.

(5) If you are on Facebook, add links to your Facebook status where people can read information on this day on how they too can get involved.

If you plan to take part in this day, make sure you click on the event link started on the Liberated Muse social network by novelist Ananda Kiamasha Leeke (in photo above).

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Inside Design Internet Radio Interviews HGTV star Kim Myles This Friday

On Friday, Nov. 28, Inside Design Internet Radio interviews one of today’s top celeberities in Interior Design: Kim Myles! After winning the HGTV competition show, Design Star, Myles now sits at the helm of her own show, Myles of Style, where she helps novices tackle their troubled rooms with her imaginative spin on design and decor.

Kim has lived in New York City for more than 10 years but it was her childhood in the suburbs that initially drove her to explore interior design as a personal interest. “Growing up in suburbia gave me an aversion to sameness,” she says. This hairdresser, who got her start designing her own clothing, jewelry and hats, has no formal design education but uses her city surroundings as inspiration in her design styles, which she describes as “global urban elegance.”

Check out Kim’s official website at
Kim will be sharing with Inside Design some tips and ideas for holiday decorating as well as what is new with her hit TV show, “Myles of Style” on HGTV.


Log into and click "Listen Now" on Friday, November 28, 2008 at 10:30 am on WFLO, the Flow, !

Every other Friday, on air hosts, Susan Featherstone-Schemm and Sherry Burton Ways, the Principals of Design Scheme Interiors, LLC, will discuss home, interior décor and art. Guests will include décor experts, authors and artists who work with home interiors. INSIDE DESIGN will also give you the latest news in home decorating trends from around the country and the world!

DSI Principals Schemm and Ways will answer any problem decorating questions you have. So call to participate in the topic at 301-560-6992 in the DC/MD/VA area or dial 1-866-856-5903 nationwide. E-mail your questions during the show to .

Inside Design Internet Radio is a member of the Liberated Muse social network.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Turtel Onli: Futuristic Artist of All Realms

Futuristic imagery merges with Black power consciousness and social commentary in the artwork of visionary Onli, owner of Onli Studios. Onli is a member of the Liberated Muse social network, yet the amazing work featured on his LM profile is only a mere glimpse into the artistic vision of a man who is an artist in both the visual and performance arts. Specializing in music production (he creates soundtracks) as well as visual art, Onli also creates wearable art and artistic pieces that function as furniture and art pieces.

Onli's work has been featured in the Children's Museum of Chicago and the Museum Park in Chicago. To view more of Onli's fantastic work, visit his site HERE.

Monday, November 24, 2008

StoneSong is a HEAVENLY Retreat for the Artist Within

StoneSong is a welcoming space nestled in the Allegany Mountains of Western Maryland. I visited the space this past weekend with the artist group I am a part of as we ventured there on retreat. The space is beautiful. It includes a beautiful farmhouse overlooking 23 acres of luscious land, a renovated barn that serves as a retreat center, and a few other outbuildings. We stayed in the main house where we held group in the beautiful meditation room featured in the photo.
According to website: "StoneSong hosts workshops, retreats, sweat lodges, drumming circles, and also, simple weekend get-aways for individuals, couples, or groups looking to restore and strengthen themselves while being immersed in a peaceful and enchanting mountain valley. We invite facilitators, teachers, musicians and elders to share their gifts through those events year round. We are also committed to offering a safe refuge to native forest, watershed, and wildlife."
Visit for more information.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

DCTV Opens Auditions for New Teen Show Modeled after BET's TEEN SUMMIT

Do you remember BET's Teen Summit where singer Wes Felton and Def Jam poet Bassey Ikpi made their national debuts? The show was taped in the Washington DC BET station and gave rise to the teen talk phenomenon that gave teenagers a safe space to dialogue and showcase issues that were typically reserved for adult conversation.

Well, DC is at it again. DCTV that is. DCTV announced yesterday that they will be holding auditions for DC teen residents for a new show dedicated to expressing the views and opinions of young people.

The mission of the teen talk show Teen Talk DC is to give young people between the ages of 13-18 an open forum to have authentic conversation about issues concerning them. The show, Teen Talk DC, will serve as a vehicle for change. The goal is to provide an outlet and forum for discussion between generations-- young and old--and create understanding by breaking down stereotypes about teens and their issues.

Teen Talk DC will offer a valuable insight into the lives and difficulties of young adults, while helping them find the solutions to their problems.

Teen Talk DC is hosted by Darrell Gaston, produced by Fred Kenner and shown on DC Public Access Channel DCTV.

Auditions for Teen Talk will be held on December 4th, 2008 at DCTV Studios located at 901 Newton Street NE, Washington, DC 20017 @ 6:00pm sharply.

Those interested in auditioning should request and application and reserved an audition spot by calling Fred Kenner @ 202 – 526 – 7007 Ext. 124Our Voice... Our Future...Teen Talk

Contact: Fred Kenner Producer/DirectorTeen Talk DC 1-202-526-7007 Ext. 124
Make sure you let them know you heard about this from Liberated Muse Productions.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

African-American Authors Promote their Latest Books @ this Annual Author Showcase

In the age of the quick fix, MTV, Flavor Flav and Britney Spears, it is great to support an event that promotes the almost lost art of reading a book.

This holiday season, meet authors, buy new books and support reading by checking out the Black Author Showcase Holiday Fair, a production of Liberated Muse member Diane who also is creator of the Ning social networking site of the same name.

The Black Author Showcase will hold its annual Holiday Book Fair on Saturday, December 13, 2008 at The Show Place Arena & Prince George's Equestrian Center, 14900 Pennsylvania Avenue, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772.

The event will present more than 20 national and local Black authors who will speak or perform their latest literary works. The event is free to the public with book giveaways and prize drawings. Attendees are encouraged to bring a new or gently used “Book and a Buck” to support literacy in Kenya. BAS is partnering with Books For Africa in a book drive to benefit the White Cots School Centre.Project.

WHAT: Black Authors Speak About Their Books
WHERE: The Show Place Arena, 14900 Pennsylvania Avenue, Upper Marlboro, MD
WHO: The event is presented by the Black Author Showcase and 22nd Century Press
WHEN: Saturday, December 13, 2008; 10 AM to 5 PM WEB LINKS:

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Learn How To Publish Your Own Photo Book

UNDEREXPOSED: SELF-PUBLISHING YOUR PHOTO BOOK, presented by Transformer Gallery in partnership with the Honfleur Galleryin Washington DC. A panel discussion on the challenges of self-publishing with Chan Chao, Melissa Catanese, Lely Constantinople, Max Hirshfeld, and Ed Panar. November 22nd at 2:00 pm at the Honfleur Gallery. Free and open to the public.

Honfleur Art Gallery
1241 Good Hope Rd. SE
Washington, District of Columbia 20020

Friday, November 14, 2008

Michael Baisden Is Looking for Indie Artists for His Radio Show-- Send In Your Music Today!

Taking Radio to the next level by breaking new artists and promoting undiscovered songs, nationally syndicated talk show host Michael Baisden gives new and undiscovered artists a chance of a lifetime, to be featured on his nationally syndicated talk show, Love, Lust, and Lies.

If you're an artist with original music, please send him a copy of your CD, along with the following information:

- Name of artist

- Title of CD

- Name of the song you want featured

- Year of release

- Contact info on artist or record label

- Website info on where the song can be purchased or listen to online

- A copy of the CDSongs

MUST fit the Love, Lust, and Lies format, Old school, R&B, and Neosoul and Clean Rap. Michael Baisden's producers will contact you if your song is chosen. All materials are non-returnable. Make sure your contact information is included in your submission.

Mail to:Michael Baisden ShowRadio Wars / B-Side Submissions1844 N Nob Hill Rd #610Plantation, FL 33322-6548
Visit his new social network HERE

New Book Anthology--Liberated Muse Volume I: How I Freed My Soul--Due Out Spring 2009

Liberated Muse Productions (LMP), the marketing and arts events promoting group has ventured into the book arena. With a roster of productions that includes the Capital Hip Hop Soul Fest and the social networking site, LMP looks forward to the new anthology providing an artistic outlet for writers and visual artists and an opportunity to reach a wider reading audience.

The call for submissions is still active, with deadline for submissions falling on December 31, 2008. For details on how to submit your work, visit the anthology's site with criteria by clicking HERE.

The anthology will be reviewed by renowned writers, including prolific poet Taalam Acey. Acey, who has performed all over the world and released numerous books and CDs of his work, released his book Troubled Soul Refinery in 2007. The book is a 340 page collection of Acey's poems from 1998-2007.
According to his bio on CD Baby , "Taalam Acey may be the hardest working spoken word artist of his generation. He's published a novel, an award winning memoir and 9 spoken word CDs. Taalam has been a full time traveling poet for 7 years.
Taalam's work has been featured on BET and in Essence Magazine. He has been a frequent guest at dozens of colleges and Universities and has lectured on contemporary spoken word at the prestigious Graduate School of Education at UC Berkeley. Acey has twice been featured at the Essence Music Festival. In addition, Acey's work has been associated with films that have garnered an Audience Award and a Special Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

TODAY: The Bootleg Festival in Washington DC

The Bootleg Festival
November 13 : 5 p.m.November 15 : 2 p.m.November 16 : 4 p.m.
Price: Free

Where: Neighborhood: Northwest
1525 Newton St.
Washington, DC 20010

Words, Beats and Life, INC is hosting The Bootleg Festival, a three day underground hip hop and media event. The all-day festival brings the best of independent hip hop media to the forefront with lively discussions and screenings of documentaries and short films on the subject of hip hop on a worldwide level. Admission is free, but donations are suggested. All proceeds from the festival will go to the D.C. Urban Arts Academy

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Democracy Now's Amy Goodman @ Green Festival in Washington, Shares Pearls of Wisdom

The Green Festival was held this past Sunday, Nov. 9 at the Washington DC Convention Center. With thousands of attendees, the festival offered free samples of organic food, ozone friendly products and kid-friendly activities.

One highlight was the guest appearance of Amy Goodman, the host of Democracy Now! which airs on Washington DC radio channel WPFW.

Goodman, a thorough journalist who often goes where few commercial media members go, is known for her hard-hitting coverage of the Iraq war and homeland issues of inequality and oppression. During her appearance at the Green Festival, she shared her experiences at the Republican convention where she and her news team experienced ghastly police violence while covering an episode of police brutality in the streets.

Goodman remarked how historic Obama's election as president is. "You voted for the hope and the opportunity for change," she said, "but, not guaranteed it. That's going to come with your hard work."

She urged the packed audience to establish their own grassroot groups, return to community organizing and stay on top of our elected leaders. She reminded us that Obama will always be known as one of the lone senators to stand up against the war in Iraq when no one else would in Congress. However, she added, don't forget that he ultimately voted for funding of the war. She says that the reality is that the two major parties get funding from corporations who donate money to have their interests honored.

She shared that we should work toward getting candidates to be able to have free air time with the major media so that they don't have to pay for air time and feel squeezed and forced to say certain things based on who is funding their air time.

Democracy Now! is currently broadcast on nearly 729 stations around the world. Visit to find a station near you.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Tents of Hope Build Awareness About the Crisis in Darfur

Tents of Hope is a national community-based project that envisions a powerful union of artistic creativity and social concern in response to the crisis in Darfur.

The goal of the one-year project is to draw attention to the genocide in Darfur while encouraging donations of material support for the millions of uprooted persons in Sudan - many of whom have been living in tents for years after being violently forced from their homes and villages. The mission of the Tents of Hope project is to support a one-year process in which people respond as communities to the crisis in Darfur, Sudan by creating tents that are both unique works of art and ongoing focal points within communities for learning about, assisting and establishing relationships with the people of Sudan. The tents are not answers in themselves. Rather, they are points of entry for more concrete forms of Darfur advocacy.

The tents were on display on the National Mall in DC the weekend of Nov. 8th. Church groups, schools and individuals from across the world created these spectacular visual displays.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Classic Hip Hop Concert Series Funds Smithsonian Exhibit

Adrian “Easy AD” Harris and his business partner, Anthony “A-tone the Hip-Hop Historian” Hovington, a graduate of Duke University with a degree in African-American Studies, co-founded Classic Hip-Hop L.L.C. in 2005 to preserve and promote the positive aspects of Hip-Hop Culture.

They decided to join forces with Haywood Donerson, III; CEO of the Donerson Research Group, Inc. to raise money for an exhibit, that will feature artifacts from the early days of the movement.

The Classic Hip-Hop Concert Series is an integral part of this initiative, intended to promote the history, culture and art of Hip-Hop. It is also a great way of fundraising, and collecting historical artifacts for the permanent exhibit.

This initiative, starting with the Classic Hip-Hop Concert Series, is totally focused on being a family oriented program. “We want people to come out, bring their sons and daughters to experience innovative Hip-Hop music from Classic Hip-Hop artists such as current VH1 Honors recipient Slick Rick (The Ruler), past recipients; Whodini and Kool Mo Dee, as well as Dr. Roxanne Shante, PhD and DJ Tony Tone of the Legendary Cold Crush Brothers, to name a few”, said Host MC, Easy AD. He further states that, “Hip-Hop has come a long way and with this concert series and exhibit opening, we will help bring the culture full circle. We are not just putting on a concert but, raising the funds and awareness to bring this exhibit to life for generations to come”.

The Classic Hip-Hop Concert Series kicks off November 22nd with ten shows in nine different cities across the country. Tickets are on sale now!!!

For more information visit: or

Thanks to Seshat Walker for the information.

Some Words from Liberated Muse Productions Co-Founder Maceo Thomas-- Head Citizen


This has been an incredible week. I feel personally responsible for getting Barack Hussein Obama elected President of the United States of America. I have been accepting congratulations from leaders around the world. And I have been offering congratulations to those around the world. When MSNBC called the state of Pennsylvania for Obama, I saw the culmination of months and years of hard work by many come to a new beginning.

Many of you have asked me if I "worked" for this campaign. I do. My title has been "Head Citizen". The responsibilities are immense; the primary one being defined as "participation"; and the privileges are awesome, too many to name here. The great part of this organizational structure is that I had the opportunity to directly collaborate with other department heads. There was no pass through. Direct contact, planning and action.

I walked the streets of Columbus with other head citizens, I sent emails from head citizens out to other head citizens. I spent a great deal of time talking to some head citizens on the phone who I have known for decades, as well as sitting in coffee shops with other head citizens I had just met. I read and stayed inform through articles and blogs written by brilliant head citizens. I supported fundraisers organized by everyday head citizens. I spent the last day of the campaign with a my 16 year old cousin Christian, another Head Citizen, who actively campaigned for a political campaign for the first time to help support his neighbor Head Citizens efforts to GOTV (Get Out To Vote). Head Citizenship has never been so exciting.

I will continue in this role for the indefintite future. The Obama campaign has been a great training program to beef up skills on the role of Head Citizen. The political camapign is completed. The governing phase is developing, however the role of Head Citizen never stops. The role of Head Citizen requires that we continue to support the rest of the department heads in working to make this organization - oh, it's abbreviated as the USA, a subsidiary of the WORLD - productive, viable and just for each and every department. Use your power!!
I just would like to thank all those who have helped contribute to my training and experience in this role in no particular order:

1. James and Margaret Thomas (dec.) for making sure my Dad and Aunt Marjorie pioneeringly (I think I made this up) integrated their schools to provide generations greater opportunities.

2. PG County Schools - where I picked up some crucial critical analysis skills for the majority part of my work in my Head Citizen role.

3. John F Kennedy, Sargent Shriver and Frank Williams for developing the organization Peace Corps which helped me understand firsthand the elements of our role of Head Citizen by contrasting it with the limited roles of citizens in other parts of the world.

4. William and Brenda Thomas for supporting the gifts and talents of their third child by letting me explore always.

5. Nadirah, Daya, Jason, Nzinga, Takeyah, Maura, Kim Morton, Adam Barr, Catherine Poff,and those whose names I have forgotten - other Head Citizens I walked the streets with out of town.

6. Dwayne Kennedy, my first political candidate (6th grade president) and a chief strategist from the beginning of this presidential campaign and an updater on Va poll numbers for the last six months- thanks for the guarantee on Va.

7. Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King, Harriet Tubman, Malcolm X (dec.) - previous Head Citizens who exemplified the role.

8. Zachary and Justyne - new fresh Head Citizens that encourage me to make this role better for them.

9. East of the River for letting me plug Obama in so many pieces.

10. Ubi, who listened a lot.
11, My entire Peace Corps and public health family - Head Citizens extraordinaire.

12. The CHOICE Program for providing a job experience that showed the importance of the role of Head Citizen by opening my eyes, on the ground, of the inequities that other department heads face.

13. Khadijah Ali-Coleman for taking a vision and putting the Capital Hip Hop Soul Fest together as a big plug for Obama...oh and some music too.

14. All my facebook friends.

15. The First Tuesdays crowd.

15. All who are reading this for doing your part. I'll see you at the office.


Head Citizen since 1971

Friday, November 7, 2008

Inaugaration Tickets ARE NOT on Sale-- Don't Get Scammed

Tickets to the swearing-in ceremony are free — but you have to request them from your U.S. representative or senator. Best to call his or her Washington office if you haven’t already. THEY DO NOT EXIST YET.

“Any website or ticket broker claiming that they have inaugural tickets is simply not telling the truth,” Howard Gantman, staff director for the the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies, said in a release. “Tickets for the swearing-in of President-elect are all provided through members of Congress, and the President-elect and Vice President-elect through the Presidential Inaugural Committee. We urge the public to view any offers of tickets for sale with great skepticism.”

Anyone selling a ticket to, say, the swearing-in ceremony, simply doesn’t have the goods. The 240,000 tickets that have been printed for this event “are in a secure location,” according to the committee.

If you are one of the lucky few to get a ticket when they become available, it’s not illegal to resell your ticket, but it is, well, discouraged. “We can’t stop people from turning around and selling those tickets, but it goes against the spirit of an open public inauguration,” said media spokeswoman Carole Florman. But constituents won’t be able to pick up their tickets until the day before the event — leaving little time for an EBay bidding war.

After all that, even if you are one of the lucky 240,000 who gets a ticket held on the west front of the Capitol building, you may get shut out if the weather tanks. Inclement weather could force the ceremony inside (as it did in 1985 when President Reagan’s inauguration was held inside the Rotunda), dropping the number of spectators from hundreds of thousands to a few hundred.

Everything else: The parade and balls are organized by the Presidential Inaugural Committee, which is just being formed. This committee determines the type of inaugural events to hold, raises private money to fund them and decides how to distribute the tickets

People, there is always television. All the better to watch it with.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Senator Barack Obama Wins the 2008 Presidential Election!

It's 11:15pm and Senator Barack Obama has won the 2008 Presidential Election with over 300 electoral votes won already (270 needed to win)!

This electric moment has made its mark in history as the election of the first US African-American president ever!

Liberated Muse Productions extends congratulations to Senator Obama and looks forward to the new day this election will herald in.

Kudos to McCain and his closing speech which was cordial and recognized the significance of this moment as he admitted defeat and applauded Obama for his win. "I urge all Americans to join me in not just congratulating him but joining him in making this a better country than we inherited. Whatever our differences, we are all Americans," said McCain.

His speech was met with boos and hate calls as he finished, "...the failure was mine, not yours."

Record Voter Turn-out Mark Presidential Election 2008

Did you vote? Hope so. This day welcomes unmatched lines and record-breaking waits as people awake early only to still have to wait in lines that were so long they streamed down and around streets and corners. Mama Moon of the band Uninterrupted and a member of our Liberated Muse network blogged about her early morning experience and has pics to show how very long the line was that she stood in as it snaked around the building and into woody areas.

Liberated Muse Productions co-founder Maceo Thomas is in Virginia, working for the Obama campaign by providing umbrellas (its drizzling there) and offering his services as needed. He voted earlier this week. Mace's partner, me, Khadijah Ali-Coleman -- Moon--shares with you my voting experience from this morning HERE. I have this overwhelming sense of pride.

Don't forget to get your FREE sweet treats on this election day. Choose from Starbucks, Krispy Kremes, Ben & Jerry's and California Tortilla. Get details HERE.

What's your Election Day story? Share it with us by clicking HERE.

Monday, November 3, 2008

6th Annual Heal a Woman to Heal a Nation Conference: Rejuvenating Sisterhood


6th Annual Heal a Woman to Heal a Nation Conference: Rejuvenating Sisterhood

April 18, 20099am- 6pm

Coppin State University

Tawes Center

Quickly becoming a destination event, you do not want to miss this experience! Call your best friend! Sister! Neighbor and mark the date now!------------------------------------------------


The planning committee for Heal a Woman to Heal a Nation Conference is currently looking for workshop presentations for our the 6th Annual Conference with the theme of Rejuvenating Sisterhood.

Workshops that are informative, interactive and appropriate for women 16 and up are being requested. We are seeking presenters who are passionate about helping women to empower themselves and understand the relevance of each woman being a part of the cure needed in our communities.

The conference will be held on Saturday, April 18, 2009 from 9:00am- 6pm.

The expected audience participation is 200 plus women from the Baltimore, Virginia, Washington, D.C., New York and Pennsylvania areas.The purpose of this conference is to help perpetuate a nation-wide movement of healing for our families and communities, in order to generate a vibrant future. Heal a Woman to Heal a Nation, Inc. is a movement to gather, educate and encourage women from all cultures and backgrounds to utilize each other for the common goals of personal, community and nation-wide advancement.

Y are invtited to submit a proposal detailing your workshop via email at , no later than November 14, 2008 by 5pm.

Hard copy submissions will not be accepted.

Presenters will be notified of accepted proposals by January 5, 2009.

Peace to Mothyna James-Brightful for creating thisi wonderful event.

Historical Presidential Election Less than 24 hours away!!

Liberated Muse Productions has been a vocal supporter of Obama for President over the past year. We have supported numerous Obama fundraising events, including those hosted by Generation Obama, Young & Powerful for Obama and DC for Obama. We have also used Obama imagery in our promotion of the Capital Hip Hop Soul Fest.
We hope that you use Election Day tomorrow as an opportunity to do your part to bring to the White House your candidate of choice. We are Obama all the way!
Join us on Election Day for a Watch party where we will fellowship as we view the election results as they unfold. This event is hosted by Young & Powerful for Obama, organized in part by DC representative for Y & P, Kezia Williams, a member of Liberated Muse.
The Moment of TruthElection Night Watch Party!!!
Hosted by Young and Powerful for ObamaAdmission

Saturday, November 1, 2008

AAWC Celebrates their 11th Annual Film Festival

African American Women In Cinema 11th Annual Film Festival
November 12th - 15th, 2008, New York CityCelebrating Global Cinematic Unity.

AAWIC 2008 Film Festival Event and Film Screening Schedule.

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008FESTIVAL KICK-OFF RECEPTION, 7:00pm-9:00pm

Sponsored by: Banco Popular, New York

Women In Film & Television,

Greater New York Chamber of Commerce.

Reception Location: BANCO POPULAR, 231 West 125th Street, New York City

*Please R.S.V.P. to attend at:*

Festival All Access Pass Holders are automatically on the reservation list.

Thursday, November 13th, 2008RED CARPET SPECIAL SCREENING / 7:30pm Red Carpet, 8:00pm Screening Program

Visit to purchase tickets and get more details.

Thanks to Kevin Sabio for the heads-up

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Capital Hip Hop Soul Fest 2009 Planning in the Works

The Capital Hip Hop Soul Fest debuted on Saturday, July 26, 2008 in Washington DC in Marvin Gaye Park. The 19 act line-up was intense. The roster of acts included hip hop artists Substantial, Christylez, Mello-D & the Rados, Gods'illa and soul singers Rogiers, Afi Soul, Chaquis Maliq and Tia Dae. Well-attended, DC council-members Yvette Alexander and Kwame Brown participated as well.

As planning moves forward, Liberated Muse Productions would like for nonprofits, vendors and artists interested in participating to be on the look-out for dates for submissions and sponsor/vendor applications. Visit to get a listing of some of last year's vendors, sponsors and performing artists.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Election Night Watch Party @ The Park on Fourteenth

Admission is Complimentary with RSVP: RSVP HERE:
-OR-RSVP HERE: For more information on volunteer opportunities visit:
Liberated Muse Productions is a proud sponsor