Raheem Devaughn @ a concert in Fort Dupont Park in DC

Been getting some inquiries on why should one blog for our Liberated Muse blog Transforming Places into Art Spaces. Here are some reasons to be a guest blogger:

(1) If you don't blog regularly but have things to say every now and again, guest blogging is easier than maintaining your own blog, but...

(2) ...If you do have your own blog and want to drive traffic to it, guest blogging on another site is a way, in a sense, to promote your own blog, website and/or business. At the end of your post will be your two line bio and associated links

(3) Guest blogging helps you enter writing online if that's new for you.

(4) Guest blogging is great if you want to demonstrate that you are an "expert" on something.

Here are our guidelines for submitting to our blog:

Review of New Music
This category is for a blog post that is a review of an artist's album.
The blog post needs to include why the artist represents the Liberated
Muse slogan "Stay Unboxed" and links to the artist's sites/music. Here
are some examples
here and here

Arts Event Review
Did you go to an arts event or know of one that is coming up from a
progressive arts organization or featuring an artist worth mentioning?
Then this blog post should talk about them in a way that is compelling
and interesting to a reader. Here are some examples here
and here

Arts in the News

Is there a news story that you want to blog about? Is it something worth
sharing? Well, blog about it from your point of view. Here are some
examples here
and here

We reserve the right to edit all submitted content and to decline
posting a submission.

Send submissions in the body of the email with appropriate edits and
html embed code for videos and photos. Please don't send mp3s, videos
nor jpgs

Try to limit posts to 400 words or less

Please send your two line bio and a link to your website to accompany
your post.

There is no payment for guest blogging.

Hope to see your submission soon!

Email submissions to