Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Democracy Now's Amy Goodman @ Green Festival in Washington, Shares Pearls of Wisdom

The Green Festival was held this past Sunday, Nov. 9 at the Washington DC Convention Center. With thousands of attendees, the festival offered free samples of organic food, ozone friendly products and kid-friendly activities.

One highlight was the guest appearance of Amy Goodman, the host of Democracy Now! which airs on Washington DC radio channel WPFW.

Goodman, a thorough journalist who often goes where few commercial media members go, is known for her hard-hitting coverage of the Iraq war and homeland issues of inequality and oppression. During her appearance at the Green Festival, she shared her experiences at the Republican convention where she and her news team experienced ghastly police violence while covering an episode of police brutality in the streets.

Goodman remarked how historic Obama's election as president is. "You voted for the hope and the opportunity for change," she said, "but, not guaranteed it. That's going to come with your hard work."

She urged the packed audience to establish their own grassroot groups, return to community organizing and stay on top of our elected leaders. She reminded us that Obama will always be known as one of the lone senators to stand up against the war in Iraq when no one else would in Congress. However, she added, don't forget that he ultimately voted for funding of the war. She says that the reality is that the two major parties get funding from corporations who donate money to have their interests honored.

She shared that we should work toward getting candidates to be able to have free air time with the major media so that they don't have to pay for air time and feel squeezed and forced to say certain things based on who is funding their air time.

Democracy Now! is currently broadcast on nearly 729 stations around the world. Visit http://www.democracynow.org/stations to find a station near you.

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