Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Turtel Onli: Futuristic Artist of All Realms

Futuristic imagery merges with Black power consciousness and social commentary in the artwork of visionary Onli, owner of Onli Studios. Onli is a member of the Liberated Muse social network, yet the amazing work featured on his LM profile is only a mere glimpse into the artistic vision of a man who is an artist in both the visual and performance arts. Specializing in music production (he creates soundtracks) as well as visual art, Onli also creates wearable art and artistic pieces that function as furniture and art pieces.

Onli's work has been featured in the Children's Museum of Chicago and the Museum Park in Chicago. To view more of Onli's fantastic work, visit his site HERE.


Ananda said...

Wow. I love this. I tried to follow you on Blogger, but when I added the web site for this blog, it said you did not have a feed.

Ananda said...

Okay now the feed is working. I can read all the updates.