Monday, December 22, 2008

Top 10 Funniest YouTube Videos of 2008-- What's Yours?

Number 10-- Bush and THE HANDSHAKE

Number 9-- Sarah Palin and THE BUSH DOCTRINE

Number 8--Solange Knowles & THE STAGE DANCER

Really good sport, Solange is.

Number 7-- All the Mutations of of THE SONG

With all of the many videos parodying this song, this is one of the funnier ones.

Number 6-- Joe Scarborough Drops THE F-Word

Hilarious when news anchors who are so judgemental in their critiques make blunders and aren't even aware they are making a blunder while LIVE on air.

Number 5-- Sarah Palin and THE TURKEY

What on earth is going on with that guy in the background? This is on the list because it is ludicrous beyond ludicrous-iosity!

Number 4-- Charlie and THE FINGER

This was posted in 2007 but grew metoric acclaim this year, even appearing in a commercial recently. Precious.

Number 3--David Gregory on THE TODAY SHOW Feeling "Just Fine"

Ok, this was shot in 2007, but I didn't see it until 2008, so, it makes the list! David Gregory is the star of this video hands down. Sorry, Mary.

Number 2-- Scarlet Taking THE TUMBLE

Man, there are no words. What is great about this is how great a sport she is. Glad she's ok.

Number 1-- George Bush and THE SHOE


knotmyhair said...

great post. i would add the roast hosted by jamie fox when he destroys that really non-funny comic. not sure that was this year or not, but i only saw it this year.

Khadijah Ali-Coleman said...

Hi knotmyhair--

You're right! That roast was almost painful to watch. Jamie was idea why that guy even attempted to go there...