Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Record Voter Turn-out Mark Presidential Election 2008

Did you vote? Hope so. This day welcomes unmatched lines and record-breaking waits as people awake early only to still have to wait in lines that were so long they streamed down and around streets and corners. Mama Moon of the band Uninterrupted and a member of our Liberated Muse network blogged about her early morning experience and has pics to show how very long the line was that she stood in as it snaked around the building and into woody areas.

Liberated Muse Productions co-founder Maceo Thomas is in Virginia, working for the Obama campaign by providing umbrellas (its drizzling there) and offering his services as needed. He voted earlier this week. Mace's partner, me, Khadijah Ali-Coleman -- Moon--shares with you my voting experience from this morning HERE. I have this overwhelming sense of pride.

Don't forget to get your FREE sweet treats on this election day. Choose from Starbucks, Krispy Kremes, Ben & Jerry's and California Tortilla. Get details HERE.

What's your Election Day story? Share it with us by clicking HERE.

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