Thursday, November 20, 2008

DCTV Opens Auditions for New Teen Show Modeled after BET's TEEN SUMMIT

Do you remember BET's Teen Summit where singer Wes Felton and Def Jam poet Bassey Ikpi made their national debuts? The show was taped in the Washington DC BET station and gave rise to the teen talk phenomenon that gave teenagers a safe space to dialogue and showcase issues that were typically reserved for adult conversation.

Well, DC is at it again. DCTV that is. DCTV announced yesterday that they will be holding auditions for DC teen residents for a new show dedicated to expressing the views and opinions of young people.

The mission of the teen talk show Teen Talk DC is to give young people between the ages of 13-18 an open forum to have authentic conversation about issues concerning them. The show, Teen Talk DC, will serve as a vehicle for change. The goal is to provide an outlet and forum for discussion between generations-- young and old--and create understanding by breaking down stereotypes about teens and their issues.

Teen Talk DC will offer a valuable insight into the lives and difficulties of young adults, while helping them find the solutions to their problems.

Teen Talk DC is hosted by Darrell Gaston, produced by Fred Kenner and shown on DC Public Access Channel DCTV.

Auditions for Teen Talk will be held on December 4th, 2008 at DCTV Studios located at 901 Newton Street NE, Washington, DC 20017 @ 6:00pm sharply.

Those interested in auditioning should request and application and reserved an audition spot by calling Fred Kenner @ 202 – 526 – 7007 Ext. 124Our Voice... Our Future...Teen Talk

Contact: Fred Kenner Producer/DirectorTeen Talk DC 1-202-526-7007 Ext. 124
Make sure you let them know you heard about this from Liberated Muse Productions.

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Ananda said...

Great news. My brother Mark works at DCTV and told me about it. WOO HOO.