Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Food. Art. Music for a Cause

Dear Liberated Muse family--

Liberated Muse is a community partner this year with the grassroots organization The Alliance of Concerned Men that serves at-risk youth in Washington DC. Since 1991, The Alliance has done the work that many choose not to do-- work with some of the city's most challenged and difficult young people who are disengaged from the school system, the world of work and often already a part of the juvenile justice system.

Today, I ask you to consider donating or purchasing a ticket to The Alliance's spring fundraiser reception that is tomorrow, Thursday, May 26 at 6pm at the East Tower Penthouse on 1301 K St, NW in Washington DC. This business casual reception offers an open wine and beer bar, an art gallery featuring work by Liberated Muse member J'Nell Jordan and live entertainment by Liberated Muse member Colie Williams. If you are a Trekkie, then you'll love the silent auction which features signed items by Patrick Stewart of Star Trek: The Next Generation as well as a poster signed by the original cast of The X-Men movie. Other items include authentic art, signed items by Morgan Freeman, etc.

The Allliance of Concerned Men is suffering as many nonprofits are today with limited financial support due to our country's current economic downturn and the ending of much foundational support. Your donation, even as small as $25 will truly make a difference.


I will be in the house, hope to see you there.

In Creativity and Light,

Khadijah "Moon" Ali-Coleman
Liberated Muse

Monday, May 23, 2011

Liberated Muse Production of Running: AMOK Ends on High Note

Our Spring Season run of the Liberated Muse Production of Running: AMOK is over! Thank you for your support! Over 150 people saw our show-- from our early Spring preview in March at the Oxon Hill Public Library in Oxon Hill, MD to one of the shows during our Spring run at The Corner Store in Washington, DC, Germano's Traittoria in Baltimore, MD and The Bonifant Theatre in Silver Spring, MD.

Special Thanks to all of you who have spread the word about our show on Twitter, Facebook and your personal blogs.

We would like to come back later this year and are currently inviting interested individuals and businesses to consider sponsoring our production. This year's production was generously sponsored by Onli Studios in Chicago, Illinois, Tracey George of T.G.A.P. of South Carolina and Thomas and Valarie Ashley of the Washington DC metro area. In-kind donations in the form of rehearsal space and other items were provided by Karen Minors, author of "It Is What It Is" and The PG County Public Library System. Please contact us at if you would like to become a sponsor. Sponsorship packages for our upcoming season start as low as $100 and include a pair of free tickets, inclusion in media and invites to cast-related functions, including our cast party.

We are interested in traveling, so if you have a venue within the US that would like to bring us to perform the show, please contact us at

Thank you for helping us have a successful Spring Season!

Running: AMOK 2011 Spring Season Cast:

Leshell played by Quineice
Camille played by Deja Belle
Nina played by Rayona L. Young
Benny played by Lyn Artope
Lyn played by Nia Simmons
Mama Belle played by Colie Williams

Running: AMOK 2011 Band:
Derrick Marquis: Band leader/Keys
Will Henderson: Bass
Greg Bryant: Drums

Running: AMOK was written, directed and produced by Khadijah Ali-Coleman
Music instrumentals composed by Gary Young & Ben "Hook" Dawson

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Reviews of Running: AMOK Bear Good News

The Cast of Running: AMOK at the Sunday, May 15 cabaret show at Germano's Traittoria in Baltimore, MD
 The Liberated Muse Production of the musical stage play of Running: AMOK opened its Spring season this past Sunday, May 15 and we are excited about the wonderful reviews we've received so far about the play. Business owner Seshat Walker won free tickets to our cabaret show on Sunday in Baltimore, MD and wrote this review on her blog on Monday:
My friend Lynn and I traveled to Baltimore to see the cast of the show perform cabaret style at Germano’s. The ladies of Running Amok all have stellar vocal ability, distinct stage presence and larger than life personalities. Playwright Khadijah Ali Coleman is a writer after my own heart because she penned a piece tackling issues we mothers tend to keep to ourselves. I applaud her and the cast for bringing this subject matter to the forefront. And I haven’t even seen the full production!  RUNNING Amok opens this evening at The CORNER STORE ! Now go forth and support. TGS APPROVED.

 After the second show at The Corner Store on Tuesday, May 17 in Washington, DC, popular blogger Cashawn Thompson of the the Black Weblog Award-nominated blog Dirty Pretty Thangs wrote:

What impressed me the most about this play is each of these characters are like women all of us know and they actually talk about the realities of being a mother and still wanting to “be” at the same time. Too often, women are told that they must become some “Martyr of Motherhood” and die in spirit in order to raise a child successfully. We’re shamed by our family and community when we admit to not taking well to motherhood right away or even when we hit a wall and become frustrated and confused by our children. “Running: AMOK” adresses these points and more. As a mother and creative woman, I could relate to so much of what each of the characters was going through. It felt good to finally have these things said out in the open. And I must say that I was so glad that “Running: AMOK” showed these Black women seeking THERAPY!! Chasing wellness and happiness!

The play was funny, poignant, and emotional. It is extremely well-written and... I can definitely see this small community production growing and going above and beyond what anybody in the audience could realize. I am so glad I was able to attend such an awesome performance.

Want to see the play for yourself? Be sure to get your tickets online for one of the final three shows that will take place at the Bonifant Theatre in Silver Spring, MD Thursday, May 19 to Saturday, May 21. Visit the play's website HERE to order online.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Capital Hip Hop Soul: Hip-Hop's Jade Fox (@JadeFox410)

Jade Fox has heard it all before. She knows she doesn't look like a hip-hop artist. But, that's all good in her book. Learn about this local hip-hop lyricist who talked with us for a few to give us the dish on why she is an artist, what she would do if she couldn't make music and something that few people know about her.

Jade is one of the many artists we feature in our Capital Hip Hop Soul series, inspired by our annual Capital Hip Hop Soul Festival that returns in 2012.

Liberated Muse: You have quite a following in the DMV. Tell us why you think people connect to your music and what sets you apart from those who might perform within your genre.

Jade Fox: The obvious answer to what tends to set me apart from other performers in hip hop is that I'm a female mc that is a true lyricist and my look which is of African American and Korean decent which isn't common in the genre.  I constantly get the whole, "you don't look like a rapper thing" but it works in my favor in that it makes my face memorable and stand out from the pack.  One of the best things I love is that the music itself is very much received as it's own sound. Many listener's initial reactions are that it's refreshing and a breath of fresh air.  Also, the live show with my band is a highly energetic and entertaining experience.  The goal is to bring a true concert experience for a local, independent show price.       

I definitely feel people are able to connect with the music because it literally is me putting my thoughts, emotions, confessions, and life on the track.  I know I prefer hearing about something I can personally relate to, rather than money, cars, etc. I don't have. The truth is the truth, you can try and ignore it, but it can't be denied. 

Liberated Muse: What have been some of the challenges and highlights of being an independent artist?
Jade Fox: One extreme challenge is the money factor. There is no record company putting up funds for studio time, for packaging, promotions and marketing, etc.  It's a lot of out of pocket expense just to get a product out there.  If you need instant gratification than you will not survive as an independent artist.

Faith is personally my best friend in pursuing music as a career. Being an independent female artist presents another additional challenge.  I think a lot of times a female doesn't get as much respect or is taken seriously in a business sense.  I'm definitely not a mogul or anything like that (yet) but I do take pride in handling my business and I think other artists have taken notice to it.  When you're an independent artist you have to wear all hats and really have the mind frame that it won't get done if you don't do it yourself.  In my opinion, the greatest joy of being an independent artist is having full creative control over the music.  I don't have to worry about someone telling me to change anything in my songs or what type of songs I should be trying to make. The music is passionate, uncontrolled, and a direct reflection of me, not a product created to cater to certain demographics or sound like something else. 

Liberated Muse: If you couldn't perform tomorrow and you had to change careers, what would you turn your efforts toward?
Jade Fox: I would definitely make an effort to make it as a writer.  I love working with singers and hearing them transform my words and melodies into something beyond my vision so I would pursue being a song writer for others or maybe even writing some novels. I have too much imagination in my head to not continue doing something creatively.   

Liberated Muse: Name three artists you would love to work with and tell us why.
Jade Fox: First I have to say I love working with Delano Dutch, Nic Richards, H.I. and Billy Dangerous.  Those are my band members and I feel like we have something special in the works and that our potential as a unit will soon be realized.  I also have a deep appreciation for all the producers I work with. 

As far as artists that are known to the mass public, I have always wanted to work with Lauryn Hill.  I feel there's still a creative genius there, but the industry has just pushed her the wrong way.  I would love to try my hand on a Kanye West track, and would make it a mission to kill the beat.  I would also love to work with Sade.  I love her whole vibe and I think we would compliment each other on a track.  Something mellow and sensual, I'm already starting to hear something in my head just thinking about it.

Liberated Muse: How do you think music can change the world for the better?
Jade Fox: Music has such a powerful influence on people but the question is what type of influence is it choosing to project. Music can be soothing to the soul, and also empowering for the human spirit.  It can make someone momentarily dance their pain away or give them reason to exhale when life is suffocating them.  So music can change the world for the better just by allowing people to relate to whatever is necessary at that given time for that given song they choose to listen to. Music is also a great vehicle to reach the youth, it's just too bad they are sometimes exposed to and take in the wrong messages. 

Liberated Muse:
Tell us something that probably few people know about you.
Jade Fox: I think you can listen to my lyrics and tell that I'm a pretty intense writer. It's definitely a necessary release that I believe keeps me sane.  When I was around twelve I stopped writing for years.  I had a book of poetry that was found and as a result of it, I was sent to a psychologist.  I only had one visit with her and she thought I was okay and simply stated I was a gifted writer who found the right outlet.  However, at that point I then associated writing as something that was bad because I got forced to get my head checked out.  I think it was like 4 years I refused to write anything outside of papers for school.  But as God would have it, I found the courage and my way back to embracing what I believe is a gift that was given to me.  .   

The latest news, music, and information on Jade Fox can be found at

-Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Monday's Winners Are Running: AMOK Thanks to Onli Studios

Congrats to the winners of our ticket give-away on Monday to our play Running: AMOK!
Winners included: Seshie Walker, Chris White, Dijon Anderson, Thomas Wright, and Stevie Robinson who won a pair each to our Sunday, May 15 show in Baltimore, MD @Germano's Traittoria! Dinner is sold at Germano's which is an award-winning Italian restaurant and arts oasis in Baltimore.
The ticket give-away was sponsored by Onli Studios. Onli Studios offers visual expressions through fine art, limited edtion prints, intellectual properties, licensing of original properties, illustration, animation, music, boutique graphic novels, murals, original Rhythmistic artwork, event planning, art direction and visual art education.
For less than the cost of an evening at the movies...

You can purchase your tickets today to Running: AMOK!
Click on the flyer for all show dates and locations.
Tickets can be purchased HERE.

Have you been keeping up with the buzz about the Liberated Muse Production of Running:AMOK? Click below to check it out:
Read the Q & A with each cast member by DC Urban Arts Examiner Tiffany Beard
Listen to interviews with the cast of Running: AMOK
Read Kelly Hanson's interview with Running: AMOK's playwright

Friday, May 6, 2011

Events This Week-- Friends of the Congo, Arena Stage, DC Commission on the Arts

Ruined At Arena Stage

Arena Stage at The Mead Center for American Theater
Washington, DC

Honoring the women, Friends of the Congo and its partners, will lead a special Mother's Day program on Sunday, May 8, 2011 starting at 5:30 pm. The program will feature:
- A reception with African singers, musicians and Congolese food
- A special presentation of the play
- A panel discussion of Congolese women

Liberated Muse member Deja Belle will be a featured performer.

Please contact Makeda Crane for sponsorship, reception tickets (limited number available) and group sales at 202-630-1841 or Tickets must be purchased in advance. Tickets may not be available at the box office on the day of the play. Click HERE for more info.

The Misfortune of Kings @ The Bonifant Theatre


"The Misfortune of Kings"

by Thomas Mason
Directed by
Professor Vera J. Katz

May 6 & 7
7:00 PM
Donation $10.00

Running: AMOK @ Eastern Market

The Cast of Liberated Muse's "Running: AMOK" Featured Performers

Celebrating the family with honest reflections through art about teen pregnancy, The DC Commission on the Arts in partnership with Sasha Bruce Youthwork present "Teen Parenting Perspectives", Friday, May 13, 2011 starting at 7:00 pm. The cast of Running: AMOK will be featured performers, singing songs from the play. This event is FREE.

You can purchase tickets to the play Running: AMOK here.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Running: AMOK at JoJo's- A Liberated Muse Meet-Up

Come and have drinks with Liberated Muse's Khadijah "Moon" Ali-Coleman and the cast of Running: AMOK and enjoy live performances by Deja Belle, Quineice, Colie Williams, Nia Simmons and Rayona Young at Jojo’s on 15th & U street in Washington DC on Wednesday, May 4 @ 8pm. Food sold.

learn about Running: AMOK at http://www.amokrunning.wor or on Facebook at nningamokdc