Liberated Muse started in 2008 as an online artist community. Members met online to share photos, music, videos and the like while networking and learning about performance opportunities. The online artist community was soon the home site for Liberated Muse events. On Aug.20,2010 the artist community closed, yet,  members stay connected to Liberated Muse activities, services and events through our Facebook fan page and Twitter account. Before the site re-launched at the end of 2010, here is what some members shared with us when they learned our network was shutting down:

"I am saddened to see the Liberated Muse social network go. I have enjoyed being a part of this collective and being able to peruse the various wealth of talented people which made up it's members. It has been a pleasure to meet many members here and thrilling to share in the works of others. The administration has been up to par regarding engagement of the site while keeping us posted about many things and I will miss the blogs!
I will look at this event not as the ending but as a beginning...after all life is about change!"

Always One Love,
Chenyelu Bomani, musician/poet

Liberated Muse is a place I would call a home to come to for real talk... it is known for reaching out and reaching new heights with harmony love and friendship behind it. Always full of information for those who wanted a place to go. It's the essence of sister and brotherhood. Real life Real People Entrepreneurship Grand Entertainment and a Supportive Service that gives motavation to anyone who needs that push. I will miss you dearly. You have been always giving to everyone here and always giving back to the community. I somehow believe this is not the end. I do believe it's just a small door closing for something bigger to come.

JONVEE, photographer/model/singer/poet

Wow, Liberated Muse is one of the few places that actually gives an artist the opportunity to perform at an array of different venues and events. I met some wonderful artist because of Liberated Muse and a few good friends as well... Thanks for being just what an Artists needs :=)

Much Creative Love

Mahoganee, singer/community activist

I am really quite sad to see you guys go out like this. I really enjoyed my time here on the site, and have been able to connect with A LOT of people. You have given me so much support from day one. Liberated Muse is/was one of my cyber-homes where I can go, and truly be myself, and let my hair down (what little I have left).

I felt truly honored when you created a group here on LM based on what I was doing with the Literary Arts Festival. Without your help, who knows how far the Movement would have gotten at this point? I feel truly blessed to have known everyone here, and be invited to become a part of this site. I continue to enjoy the Capital Hip Hop Soul Festival, and will continue to support it, and do what I can to help it grow. Count me in for any future Liberated Muse Productions projects!!!! I will greatly miss my cyber-home. You hard work is definitely appreciated!!!!

-Kevin Sabio, writer

Every time I logged on to Liberated Muse I found engaging topics and resources from like-minded artists from around the world. Liberated Muse also inspired me to begin creating and performing my original music again. I am sad to see the Liberated Muse social network go. Thank you for the opportunities. 
~Quineice, singer/actress/writer

Liberated Muse is so Cool.....so active in promoting Art. I wish there was something/someone here in the Southern Delaware and Ocean City Beach Area doing what you do. 

-Jimmy DiLorenzo, musician

Thank you Liberated Muse for everything that you have done for me-from reconnecting me with old friend and outstanding vocalist Heidi Martin to encouraging me to go to The International Soul Music Festival which has helped jumpstart my music career-so many reasons to thank you-Moon and Maceo! Bless! 

-Colie Williams, singer/actress/writer

Thank you for being a force of love and creativity for artists everywhere...this is still only the beginning, i feel great and beautiful things are yet to bloom from you!

peace and joy and more dancing...always!
-binahkaye JOY!, dancer/actress/writer

Sorry to see the goodbye of this beautiful social gathering. Enjoyed all of you so much. I would click and hear very yes tunes and gaze at aah art works . I even got to meet some of you. I needed this. Love and blessing to all of you. Stay strong.
-Mars, visual artist

Sniffle ...what a great future comes with change. This was a wonderful site...cool eclectic with beautiful talented folks! It's been real! Keep shining and rising!  Awww and I must say, thanks for your constant support! It's truly appreciated!
-Stevie's Soul, artist/radio personality/artist manager

It was a great run and now you can inspire us to an even greater level of creativity and positive energy.
-Turtel Onli , visual artist

It's so sad to see Liberated Muse's Ning network go, but I do know that things change. I am glad I was a part of it...Thanks 

Pam Ward, actress/singer