Wednesday, December 31, 2008

In Celebration of the Kwanzaa Principle of Creativity, Sign the Petition Today: Make the Life of Artists a Priority

Many artists and writers live without health insurance and struggle with issues of housing and security.

Deep cuts in federal funding for the arts and education have exacerbated difficulties. In the less than a month, Congress will pass a $600 billion stimulus package in order to stimulate the economy and help create jobs.

A group on Facebook-- One Percent for the Arts Campaign! A Stimulus Plan for the Arts-- asks that the arts be included in this package.

Join artists and activists in calling on Congress to make the arts a priority.

Today is the 6th Kwanzaa Principle-- Kuumba, which means Creativity. Support your artist community today by signing the petition. If you are on Facebook, visit to learn other ways to make a difference.

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