Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bassey Ikpi Hosts Spoken Word Event Featuring Some of DC's Hottest Talent

Yesterday, Dec. 12, Wil Christian of State Farm insurance presented an early evening private function whose featured host was the incomprable Bassey Ikpi-- a renowned poet and television personality. Christian, with Liberated Muse Production co-founder Maceo Thomas, held the event at Mike Craig--The Proper Name in Men's Grooming which is an upscale spa for men located in Washington D.C.

The event attracted phenomenal artists including producer Alexei Jendayi of Fly Gypsy and poets LOVE and New Haiku.

Check out Fly Gypsy's "The Ruler"

Check out Bassey on Def Jam Poetry


Ananda said...

thanks for sharing.

Tichaona Chinyelu said...

From a personal (familial) perspective this piece rings true and extremely relevant. I may just incorporate it into a future blog about identity. Thanks for sharing!