Friday, August 13, 2010

Gods'illa Featured in Source Magazine

The three brothers-- Acem, Powerful and Truth Hall who make up the hip-hop group Gods'illa have been on the scene for a while. Hailing from the DC metro area-- PG County to be specific--the brothers have always been dominant on whatever scene they are in-- whether its their early stomping grounds at Suitland High School (a performing arts high school in Maryland) or their college alma mater Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD--the brothers have always been about real hip-hop music that is about a stellar flow that also has an element of conscious lyricism injected. These brothers are all about community, whether it's their annual Up and Up summer cook-out that attracts hundreds each year or their weekly open mic on the historic U street corridor at Liv Nightclub, these brothers use their music to attract an audience under the auspices of upliftment. Imagine that. Artists using their power of music to positively contribute to the community. It's a beautiful thing, and here's hoping their burgeoning popularity doesn't change that. 

The brothers are being featured on this month's Source magazine. They have already received great reviews for their new CD that they dropped this year. The online magazine DMV Spectrum called their CD Up and Up Presents Gods'Illa: The Album "straightforward and enjoyable." The Washington Post writes, "When it comes to hip-hop, no album ever truly offers something for everybody, but Gods’Illa has impressively created something that should appeal to almost anyone."

We at Liberated Muse are particularly happy for Gods'illa who have performed at the Capital Hip Hop Soul Fest for the past three years. We are thrilled to be able to say, "We knew them when..." 

Keep on moving, don't stop! Gods'illa is on the rise.

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