Thursday, August 12, 2010

Call for Actresses for 2010-2011 Season

Running: AMOK is a spirited stage play written by performance artist Khadijah Ali-Coleman about one of the most life-changing experiences a woman may face– sometimes willingly, sometimes while screaming and kicking, and always without a user-friendly manual. Featuring original music and honest dialogue, Running: AMOK will leave you laughing, singing-along and contemplating the miracle of sychronicity, for sometimes it just takes one person to enter your life and change your whole perspective on things.
The show Running:AMOK appeared in the 2010 Capital Fringe Festival  in Washington DC.The debut cast for our run in the Capital Fringe Fest were a phenomenal cast of women, including singers Quineice, Dionne, Teisha Marie and Angela "Anonamas" Ballard. We are looking for new cast members and understudy actresses as we prepare for a run in 2011.

Are you interested in being in an upcoming production of Running: AMOK? If so, email your headshot and theater/perfomance resume to If you have links to video of you acting or singing, ahh, the better.

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