Thursday, August 26, 2010

Album Review: New CD by Adult Contemporary Artist Kem is a Lesson on 'Intimacy'

What I have never been able to put my finger on is a brief description on how to describe singer Kem vocally, mainly because he has a varied vocal style that sounds like different people if you are not familiar with its range. I was only aware of two of his vocal personalities before listening to this new CD-- Kem singing in his upper register sometimes alternating between sounding like a less-nasally Akon (on a good day) and a scatting Al Jarreau. Yet, a third vocal personality was introduced more thoroughly on this new CD-- an almost silky whisper that I enjoyed immensely. In this voice range, Kem has this inexplicable ability to sing in this gentle, El Debarge-ish not-yet falsetto tone that is beguiling and so tempestuous that I fumbled to read liner notes and see if this was the same person as the song "When I'm Loving You" played.

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