Thursday, August 12, 2010

DC's 'Stars' Make a Song & Perform it Live All in the Same Day

Luckily, the DC Commission on the Arts is pumping up the coverage of music artists in the Nation's Capital, providing grant money and opportunity for said artists to promote their talent. One of those outlets is Art(202) TV, which showcases the diverse talents of the Washington DC art scene. Recently, Art(202) TV tasked two DC-based talents--rapper Tabi Bonney and Grammy-nominated producer/emcee/singer Kokayi--to create a song and perform it in one day at an event at Liv nightclub located along the popular U street corridor. The process was captured on video with Tabi on the rhymes, Kokayi providing the hook and production, along with a vocal assist from singer Alison Carney. The song, "Higher Stars" was born.

We here at Liberated Muse are big fans of Kokayi who inspired us to come up with the Capital Hip Hop Soul Fest after seeing his phenomenal live performance. Here is the vid for "Higher Stars". Tell us what you think.

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