Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Artists Transforming Places Into Art Space: Meet Ally Way

In an intimate location in the Columbia Height's neighborhood of Northwest Washington, DC, a mixed group of  twenty-somethings gathered to appreciate unpolished jewels. BloomBars, located at 3222 11th Street NW, held its weekly event, "Sunday Seeds" featuring Ally Way.

Way, who's birth-name is Allison Way, is a 23 year old DC resident who's been singing and performing in musicals her whole life. With the support of her choir director and instrumentalist parents, Way is pursuing her music career in addition to working as a sells associate for Lexus Silver Spring.

Way graduated from University of Maryland in May of 2008 with a Bachelor's of Arts in Vocal Performance and Music Education. After she establishes her place in the music industry she plans to use these degrees to produce other artists and open a school to encourage children who are much like her in their passion for arts and literature.

Ally Way began work on her second EP on August 16. She believes she's grown from the first one, Way Shower, released in 2006 by improving her vocal agility and infusing more of a jazz influence. The theme of the upcoming project is "striving to be emotionally free.” She describes this state as "You know? Wanting to call this guy [who isn't exactly right for you,] but knowing you want better."

Way sometimes fears she's too influenced by other artists' energy. "If everyone around me is performing great, it helps bring out the best in me; but if everyone stinks, I always mess up." She said when she notices she sounds too much like one of her favorite artists-- Sarah Mclachlan or CeCe Winans, she'll remind herself, "sing the way you sing when you're in the car by yourself." This in mind she's had the opportunity to perform on stages across the world. DC's Busboys and Poets was instrumental in her growth as a performer; she's also graced the stages of Yoshi's in San Fransisco, Bluenote in New York, different festivals in Bermuda and Costa Rica, and Ronnie Scott's in London.

Way says she's leaving this upcoming EP in the hands of her gods because they will take her beyond her expectations and they look out for her best interest.
                                                                                -Lauren M. Williams

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