Monday, November 3, 2008

Historical Presidential Election Less than 24 hours away!!

Liberated Muse Productions has been a vocal supporter of Obama for President over the past year. We have supported numerous Obama fundraising events, including those hosted by Generation Obama, Young & Powerful for Obama and DC for Obama. We have also used Obama imagery in our promotion of the Capital Hip Hop Soul Fest.
We hope that you use Election Day tomorrow as an opportunity to do your part to bring to the White House your candidate of choice. We are Obama all the way!
Join us on Election Day for a Watch party where we will fellowship as we view the election results as they unfold. This event is hosted by Young & Powerful for Obama, organized in part by DC representative for Y & P, Kezia Williams, a member of Liberated Muse.
The Moment of TruthElection Night Watch Party!!!
Hosted by Young and Powerful for ObamaAdmission

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