Friday, October 2, 2009

Rising Star Chaquis Maliq Shares Fave Moments from the International Soul Music Summit

Liberated Muse: What were highlights for you from the International Soul Music Summit in Atlanta, GA?

CM: The first day of the Summit was great because, the panel was all women! I loved the War stories from Chinah Blac, Keshia Jackson, and Lady Alma. These women really opened up allowed me to not feel alone with my struggle being an indie artist without a team. Also, with their stories I still find that Women have to work harder in this industry and often have to act like we have something to prove to get noticed. Learning that a lot of them having been struggling since teenagers in this industry and they are still here grinding, lets me know that I'm doing the right thing and gives me more motivation.

Liberated Muse: What was something you learned that you didn't know already?

CM: I did not know the full details about the Performance Rights Act Bill. Sean Glover of, really broke it down to us artist, and in no way does passing this bill to become a law interfere with radio stations losing money or being shut down. Passing the Performance Rights Act Bill will help recording artist to make a living to keep providing "The People" and the Radio with music. Dionne Farris made it plain by stating that "The radio and recording artist need one another to make the marraige work. The Radio needs music or else it will be Talk Radio."

Liberated Muse: Who were some folks you enjoyed meeting and why?

CM: I enjoyed Meeting Darrly of Moods Music. Great Brother that supports great music from great artists! I also enjoyed meeting Promoters from Japan and the UK, and other artists that hustle and stay motivated.

Liberated Muse: Was performing in ATL any different than perfoming in DC?

CM: Performing in ATL was a lil different then the performances that I have done in DC and surrounding cities. I plead the "Fifth" on giving details :)

Liberated Muse: What did you learn and pick up on that you will probably incorporate into your artist life? What can we expect from you in the next year?

CM: I am now taking "Brand Your Self" more seriously after hearing the great Eric Roberson, whom I think is the #1 indie hustler in the industry. So look forward to My album, "Veracity" in December 2006 @ and some merchandise in 2010!

Thanks Liberated Muse, where would Chaquis Maliq, be without you!?


Chaquis Maliq is a singer, songwriting and producer originally from California and now based in Baltimore, Md. Visit her Liberated Muse page HERE to hear some of her music.

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