Friday, October 2, 2009

The Artist CHOKE is featured in Liberated Muse exhibit

(in photo: a painting by the artist CHOKE which was recently sold. This painting and more of CHOKE's work is featured in the Liberated Muse exhibit at the Potter's House in DC)

Marina “Choke” Munoz, 22, is the epitome of the artist on the grind, often seen in a flurry with her canvases under her arm or toting around artistic gems she’s created, whether it’s the butterfly adorned journals or the mirrors meticulously adorned with Choke’s signature use of the color palette. Her use of color always reveres her Puerto Rican heritage with the flagrant use of bright greens, perky orange and deep red hues.

While she likes to work on her art with her nose and mouth covered, when you are in conversation, her face is uncovered and her youthful and pleasant face is often broken out into grin. Whether she is doing live art—painting on display while some form of entertainment is taking place—or setting up shop at a local festival to sell her artistic creations, Choke is most likely taking care of business. She has been in the east of the river area a lot this past summer—seen doing live art at the Capital Hip Hop Soul Fest and selling her wares and engaged in numerous outdoors activities in the area all summer.

“I have a serious obsession for the sun,” Choke gushes. “When I am out in the sun I just want to paint. I love how the sun can take me back to the better times in childhood, fun summers and living in Miami. Colorful memories like those are always inspiration for my creations.”
In the Works
Visit Choke’s blog online at Her work is currently exhibited in the exhibit “Celebration of Freedom” at the Potter’s House on Columbia Road, NW, Washington, DC. For inquiries, contact her at (571) 278-8932 . The art exhibit is curated by Sharon Burton of Authentic Contemporary Art. The artwork is from artists from the book Liberated Muse Volume I: How I Freed My Soul and the network

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