Thursday, October 1, 2009

Colie Williams Dishes on her experience at the International Soul Music Summit

Liberated Muse was happy to be a sponsor of the 2009 International Soul Music Summit which was in September. Four of our members registered to participate and wound up being asked to perform. We asked them a few questions regarding their experience there.

Here is a Q & A with songstress Colie Williams.

Liberated Muse: What were highlights for you from the International Soul Music Summit in Atlanta, GA?

Colie Williams: My highlights were listening to the artists speak on the panels, meeting and interviewing with radio folks, meeting a brother who will most likely assist me with management, and listening to performances by artists and meeting other artists.

Liberated Muse: What was something you learned that you didn't know already?

Colie Williams: There was a lot of confirmation on things. I learned about a lot of sites that I can use for assistance, and just a reminder about the mind/body connection while singing-sometimes I allow my mind to affect my singing, and it doesn't have to. Had to psych myself in last night-I was exhausted, and I just focused on the task at hand- and my singing was fine. Believe me I'm pretty critical of myself, so if I say I pulled it off-I DID! Most folks were friendly, open, and ready to offer assistance. You just had to make yourself accessible.

Liberated Muse: Was performing in ATL any different than perfoming in DC?

Colie Williams: It was only different, because I am use to performing in venues where people know me. It's good to get a critique from folks who have no idea who you are. It's humbling, and it keeps you on top of your game.

Liberated Muse: What did you learn and pick up on that you will probably incorporate into your artist life? What can we expect from you in the next year?

Colie Williams: So many things-right now making sure I have the right folks around me which I was already working on. You have to have folks around you who share your vision-that was confirmation for me. Next year-My CD release and touring! I Believe! Ashe!

Colie performs on Wednesdays at Jojo's on U Street in Washington DC and is a singer and songwriter.

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