Monday, April 27, 2009

Spearheading the Next Stage of Hip Hop

On June 12th, Words Beats & Life, Inc. (WBL) will be holding the second annual 3-day event known as The Teach-In.

The Teach-In is a meeting of like-minded individuals designed to outline the tools and resources necessary to develop curriculum, programs, and work (artistic and scholarly) based in hip-hop culture. The teach-in will also address how to retain and attract high caliber hip-hop artists, scholars and educators by building sustainable organizations. Words Beats & Life, Inc. (WBL) is spearheading the next stage of development for the field of hip-hop education by creating a strategic development plan for excellence, scale, and sustainability to strengthen the network of hip-hop based youth-serving organizations.

Visit the registration page for "Remixing the Art of Social Change: a Hip-Hop Approach National Teach-In." From now until May 1st, early registration is available for only $15. For that $15, each registrant will get all of the following:

  • Entry to teach-ins and Executive Summit

  • Annual subscription to Words. Beats. Life: The Global Journal of Hip-Hop Culture

  • Admission to the Bootleg Festival: Independent Films, Mixtapes and Hip-Hop's Underground Economy

  • Copy of the Counterbalance: The Impact of Hip-Hop in Communities and Classrooms

  • and Waived submission fees for PSAs/student shorts at Bootleg Festival.

Visit the registration page at

Liberated Muse Productions will be up in the house. Check out some of the noted performers, scholars and activists who helped plan this event:

Dominic Painter, Executive Director, Midnight Forum Junious Brickhouse, Founder/Director, Urban Artistry Muna Shami, Independent Scholar Candace Carter Smith, Youth Track Coordinator Jabari Exum, Founder, Congo Square Kaajal Shah, Capacity Building Specialist, Fair Chance Fred Joiner, Independent Artist & Poet, American Poetry Museum Johonna McCants, Director, Visions to Peace Project Nelson Bennett, Founder, Verbal Armageddon, Inc. Ishmail Reaves, Co-Chair, Crescent Moon Nights Peter Krsko, Executive Director, Albus Cavus Weusi Baracka, Executive Director, Sol y Soul Kymone Freeman, Director, Black LUV Festival Billy Buntin, Founder, Jared A. Ball, Ph.D., Professor, Morgan State University Ashton Wingate, Marketing Coordinator, WBL Simone Jacobson, Cipher Director, WBL Mazi Mutafa, Executive Director, WBL Dr. James White, Board Chair, WBL and H2A

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