Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Have You Seen This Man?

All Liberated Muse'ers, we encourage you to be on the look-out for this man. He may try to add you as a friend and once you accept his friend request, he will bombard you with music from the disco era and b-side carnival tunes. He will also spam your profile with self-portraits like the one above and invite you to meet him at the local river dance show. Several members have brought him to our attention and we thought we would pass the word!

Just joking!!!
The above was just our way to get you started on your day of April Fool's Day pranks. The above caricature is actually a fun drawing of one of my favorite actors, Steve Buscemi, that was found online on this awesome blog called Chumpmonkey's Electronic Cartooniorium run by animator Don Pinsent.
Did you get pranked today and pull off a fun prank? Share with us your good ones...Happy April 1st.


msladydeborah said...

It certainly woke me up and gave me a chuckle as I prepare for work.

Khadijah Ali-Coleman said...

lol, I'm glad. My mate got me twice this morning. He has a macabre sense of humor. The first one was telling me that Michael Jackson was dead. I was in the next room and dropped what I was doing and ran in to see and he is yelling, "they are talking about it right now on the news" and I run in the room and he goes "APRIL FOOL"! He was wrong for that.