Sunday, March 1, 2009

When Harlem Came to Paris-- Simply Divine!

When Harlem Came to Paris is the brainchild of Risikat "Kat" Okedeyi, the founder of Lil So So Productions. Okedeyi had the creative thought to imagine the Harlem Renaissance alive and kicking with some of its key players living and breathing among us as we party and socialize like its 1934. Set at the elegant Alliance Francaise De Washington , the evening was a remarkable flashback setting where everything was authentically reenacted as possible-- from the french menu to Josephine Baker's accent. Planned to perfection, the atmosphere created was stellar-- classy, fun, cordial and festive. Some DC luminaries were at the event, including Post writer Rhome Anderson, legendary vocalist Valerie "Kehembe" Eichelberger, Sherry Ways of Sankofa Doll Artistry Studio, DJ Jahsonic, and others.

The actress in me loved this event as it was a prime event to dress up, Charleston and Lindy hop while imagining being a part of the rebirth of Black arts and literature. Some of the guests at the party included the divine Josephine Baker, writers Marita Bonner and Wallace Thurman, blues great Bessie Smith and Cab Calloway, among others.

Liberated Muse member Sharon Burton was the curator of the wonderful art auction that took place during the event.

The event featured:
Dorothy Tene Redmond as Mamie Mason
Shawnea Posey as Bessie Smith
William Smith as Count Bassie
Bassey Ikpi as Marita Bonner
Fred Joiner as Wallace Thurman
John Murph as R. Bruce Nugent
and Holly Bass as Josephine Baker

Me with Wallace Thurman (played by Fred Joiner)

My partner Maceo Thomas, co-founder of Liberated Muse Productions with Marita Bonner (played by Bassey Ikpi)

Bessie Smith (played by Ne'a Posey) belts out a nice one with Count Bassie on the keys

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