Friday, March 6, 2009

Teach Your Art Skill to Washington DC Students and Get Paid To Do It!

For those who live in the Washington DC metro vicinity, the Child & Youth Investment Trust Corporation (CYITC) after-school component called Project MyTime (PMT) has an opportunity for you if you fit this criteria:

* You enjoy working with middle schoolers (11-14 years-old)

* You have a skill you can teach them (i.e. dance, double dutch, football, martial arts, painting, etc.)

*You can work in urban settings with youth who may be "at-risk"

*You have reliable transportation

*You can flesh out in writing what you would engage the young people in each session

Project My Time continues to ask Liberated Muse Productions to spread the word to our network because so many of our members have responded to this opportunity in the past. Current members who are now Project My Time contractors include (but are not limited to): Afi Soul, MYST Studios, Binahkaye Joy, 5 Rings Art, and the Adinkra Group.

Project MyTime is currently seeking bids from individuals to serve as independent contractors specializing in a variety of arts and recreation activities for after-school programming in DC Public Middle Schools: Sousa Middle School, Hart Middle School, Kelly Miller Middle School and 7 others.

A word to the wise: only consider this if you are really interested in working with young people. Because this initiative is fairly new, there are several kinks regarding management of the Project My Time program. Each school has a different site director who is the liaison between you the contractor and the school. This oversight impacts your ability to recruit and actually have children to work with. You may have a site director who will recruit children to come to after-school programming and you will then have your pick of children to recruit from to join your group. However, you may have a site director who will expect you to come during the day to recruit children by passing out flyers to students in their classroom or during their lunch period or doing visits to classrooms to talk about your what your after-school group will offer. So, keep this in mind when applying to be a contractor. Your range of payment will be based on the number of children you are expected to serve each week.

Visit learn more about opportunities to become a Indie Provider with Project My Time.

Please note deadline of March 10, 2009. Follow instructions for application - a full application packet must be received to be considered for this bid request.

For more information, contact Shanita Burney at sburney@cyitc.org

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