Thursday, May 19, 2011

Reviews of Running: AMOK Bear Good News

The Cast of Running: AMOK at the Sunday, May 15 cabaret show at Germano's Traittoria in Baltimore, MD
 The Liberated Muse Production of the musical stage play of Running: AMOK opened its Spring season this past Sunday, May 15 and we are excited about the wonderful reviews we've received so far about the play. Business owner Seshat Walker won free tickets to our cabaret show on Sunday in Baltimore, MD and wrote this review on her blog on Monday:
My friend Lynn and I traveled to Baltimore to see the cast of the show perform cabaret style at Germano’s. The ladies of Running Amok all have stellar vocal ability, distinct stage presence and larger than life personalities. Playwright Khadijah Ali Coleman is a writer after my own heart because she penned a piece tackling issues we mothers tend to keep to ourselves. I applaud her and the cast for bringing this subject matter to the forefront. And I haven’t even seen the full production!  RUNNING Amok opens this evening at The CORNER STORE ! Now go forth and support. TGS APPROVED.

 After the second show at The Corner Store on Tuesday, May 17 in Washington, DC, popular blogger Cashawn Thompson of the the Black Weblog Award-nominated blog Dirty Pretty Thangs wrote:

What impressed me the most about this play is each of these characters are like women all of us know and they actually talk about the realities of being a mother and still wanting to “be” at the same time. Too often, women are told that they must become some “Martyr of Motherhood” and die in spirit in order to raise a child successfully. We’re shamed by our family and community when we admit to not taking well to motherhood right away or even when we hit a wall and become frustrated and confused by our children. “Running: AMOK” adresses these points and more. As a mother and creative woman, I could relate to so much of what each of the characters was going through. It felt good to finally have these things said out in the open. And I must say that I was so glad that “Running: AMOK” showed these Black women seeking THERAPY!! Chasing wellness and happiness!

The play was funny, poignant, and emotional. It is extremely well-written and... I can definitely see this small community production growing and going above and beyond what anybody in the audience could realize. I am so glad I was able to attend such an awesome performance.

Want to see the play for yourself? Be sure to get your tickets online for one of the final three shows that will take place at the Bonifant Theatre in Silver Spring, MD Thursday, May 19 to Saturday, May 21. Visit the play's website HERE to order online.

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