Monday, February 8, 2010

Sade's New CD Drops Feb.9

Only Sade could be absent from the music scene for ten years and cause an internet and offline buzz of such high magnitude. The new album, Soldier of Love, brings the familiar mellow and ethereal sound that we have long associated with the elegant Helen Folasade Adu and her highly acclaimed band of musicians.

However, Soldier of Love offers little more than a pleasant rehash of the sound and energy that we have grown up with over the years when listening to past Sade albums--from Diamond Life to Lover's Rock--and, frankly, that may not be enough this go round to lead one to buy it.

While new listeners of the Sade sound may fall in love--simply because this is the signature sound of Sade--die-hard fans who have followed Sade for her entire career may listen to this disc and realize that it may be time to stop believing that there will be another Sade output that can rival the heat brought on Stronger Than Pride or Love Deluxe. Read more HERE

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