Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day! Our Cupid's Hunt Playlist for 2010: High Off Love

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So, as promised, here is our Cupid's Hunt Playlist that features artists from our Liberated Muse network with a few mainstream artists thrown in for added flavor.

The Playlist features:

Moon of - "Welcome to Cupid's Hunt Podcast Collaboration"
Sucker Jimmy's Best Punch ft. Jymeice- "Emotional (Remix)"
*Ndambi- "The One"
Cry- "And I"
Dee Stone Band- "Sweet"
Stone/Wright- "Falling"
Gary Young ft/Karla Chisolm- "One More Night"
Heidi Martin- "Love for Sale"
Kuku-"Unexpected Pleasures"
Kuku-"After and Then (Revisited)"
*Q-Tip ft. Raphaael Saadiq- "We Fight-Love"
Musiq Soulchild- "Until"
Table 4 5ive- "Ms. Fedora"
Mama Moon- "Hotel Lobby"
Substantial & Chew Fu- "Make Love"
E the R & B Rockstar- "Could I"
Teisha Marie- "Awaken"
Phreaknahdo (ft. Quiniece Clarkson & Zakia Moon)- "I'm High"
Anonamas- "Bodee Heat"
*Ledisi- "Love Never Changes"

All of the artists above-- with the exception of the starred artists, are members of the online community Aren't they amazing!? Special thanks to Liberated Muse membe DJ Vinnie who added the starred tracks for our listening pleasure. If you'd like more music from any of the artists featured in this playlist, you can visit their pages on to connect directly with them. Support quality indie music!



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