Tuesday, February 2, 2010

NEW MUSIC: Gods'illa and Enoch 7th Prophet

We are thrilled about our members. Several of our members joined after or before becoming performers at the Capital Hip Hop Soul Fest, an annual event we produce. Here is some new music from some of our favorite performers who just so happened to be performers in last year's Capital Hip Hop Soul Fest.

Enoch 7th Prophet

Enoch can easily be called one of the hardest working MCs in the DMV. This lyricist hosts several showcases across the city, namely the Cakes and Kisses shows produced by DC Rap, and he also hosts his own weekly radio show Mental Salvation Radio.

Enoch performed in our 2009 Capital Hip Hop Soul Fest and is one of more active members on www.LiberatedMuse.com. He recently dropped this recent free download, "Distant Luva" that is a MUST COP for the 2010. Click HERE to download it.

Enoch will be performing on Friday, Feb. 12 with his wife, the Queen DJ Earth 1ne (featured on the track) in our "To Haiti, With Love" show benefitting the organization YeleHAITI to aid in reconstructing Haiti. Make sure you plan to attend. You can visit our RSVP page on Facebook HERE.

(In photo: Powerful Aguilar, one of the members of the group Gods'illa, a DC-based trio of brothers who take hip-hop to the next level with lyrics that don't conform to the same ole same ole. Photo by Shan'ta Monroe)

So, when you have names like Powerful, Ace and Truth, there is almost a guarantee that you will be drawn to creating a message that is bold, fearless and uncensored. Such is the case with the three brothers of Gods'illa-- Powerful Aguilar, Aceem Hall and Truth Hall. Their new single release "Protect It" currently on the new web magazine DMV Spectrum is a refreshing track that talks to the fakes, uninspired and mediocre with a head-nodding beat that is neither contrived nor monotonous.

Gods'illa came into our line of vision in 2005 when they performed at a community event in southeast DC and we were thrilled to have them join the network and later perform at both the 2008 and 2009 Capital Hip Hop Soul Fest. They have since gained exposure from participation in a recent MTV talent search and collaborating with other emerging superstars, including their best friend, Substantial.

Owners of the brand Up and Up, the also host a weekly open mic that has grown to such popularity that it has been featured in the Washington Post and other local media.

Listen to their new single "Protect It" HERE.

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