Saturday, December 19, 2009 Member Nominated for WAMMIE Award!

As a member of the Washington Area Music Association (WAMA), was excited to get the ballot to vote for the upcoming WAMMIE awards which will take place in February. The WAMMIES are big time here in the DC metro area and it would be wise for DC area artists to consider joining WAMA to be eligible to be nominated. As an indie artist, it is all about networks you build and broadening your audience. Joining organizations, social networks and associations is helpful because you are putting yourself in a postion to get info on opportunities to perform, market your music, etc. that you wouldn't be privy to as a lone wolf. This is especially true for those indies who don't have the funds to hire an agent or manager to do that on their behalf.

Liberated Muse WAMMIE nominee: Dee Stone of Stone/Wright

We are so happy to learn that Liberated Muse member Dee Stone is a nominee for this year's WAMMIE awards, sponsored by the WAMA and BMI. Dee, and her husband/band member Charlie Wright's first duo collab as Stone/Wright-- out for less than a year was nominated. We are thrilled for them and brag to everyone that we had them a part of our summer book tour shows. Here is their latest video. Enjoy!

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