Saturday, December 19, 2009

Liberated Muse Attends 7th Anniversary of the Potter's House Sounds of Hope series

(In photo: Kristen Arant , Michael Kweku Owusu, Khadijah Ali-Coleman, & George Perry. Kristen, Kweku and George drummed during the celebration )

The Potter's House has been a valuable supporter of Liberated Muse programming this year-- from the book release celebration to hosting the first art exhibit produced by Liberated Muse productions-- Celebration of Freedom. We have raised funds for two three nonprofits-- DC College Success Foundation, The Saartjie Project & Southeast Ministry thanks to the support of the Potter's House.

To honor the wonderful space that is the Potter's House, Liberated Muse's co-founder Khadijah "Moon" Ali-Coleman accepted the invitation from Sounds of Hope producer Mary Shapiro to perform and help promote the event.

(In photo: Kristen and Kweku created glorious rhythmic sounds)

The event was wonderful and a great celebration of the holiday season. Check out some of our past events Liberated Muse has produced at the Potter's House:

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