Monday, June 1, 2009

Wise Intelligent this Weekend

When did the DC Ethiopian Restaurant & Nightclub Almaz become one of the hottest venues in DC? I'm not sure, but I'm guessing it happened when Adinkra group founder Diallo Sumbry became the event coordinator for evening events. These past three months have seen a whirlwind of hot acts make their way through the doors-- can we say soul brother # 1Wes Felton, hip-hop afro punk rocker Head-Roc & his band GODISHEUS, indie soulstress Maimouna Youssef (voice on the Roots hit "Don't Feel Right"), grammy nominated Wayna and others to name a few-- some of DC's hottest acts!
Well, looking at that roster of talent, it is no surprise that this weekend that Sumbry is bringing to Almaz one of hip hop's royal intelligensia-- Wise Intelligent from the classic group Poor Righteous Teachers. Wise Intellignet will be in the house with some other major players. Check them out below:
Asheru & The EL's
Hosted by: Enoch 7th Prophet
DJ Earth 1NE on the Deckz
Ladies Free b4 11pm
Fellas $10 b4 11pm
RSVP to this event that is sure to sizzle by clicking on the link to the event on Facebook:
If you don't have a Facebook page, just go straight to the source, Almaz is located at 1212 U Street, NW, directly off the metro.

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