Saturday, May 30, 2009


We love the idea of the Artomatic! This year, we are promised that the tenth year of this unique collaborative event will be like no other year!

Here are some things we are looking forward to and willing to check out for various reasons:

  • BECAUSE THEY ARE PART OF OUR FAMILY-- Liberated Muse Member MAHOGANEE, performing tonight and on June 13. Click HERE for her Artomatic profile. James Terrell performing in June. Click HERE for details.

  • BECAUSE DC IS THE HOME OF LIBERATED MUSE--A visual art historical exhibit of the neighborhoods of Washington DC. Click HERE for details.

  • BECAUSE HIP HOP @ THE ARTOMATIC IS ALWAYS A RARITY--Hip-hop artist Storm the Unpredictable

  • BECAUSE THE NAME ALONE IS COMICAL--Check out the Sarah Palin Tribute Band, I mean, come on, you are interested too to see what they are about. Read their profile HERE.

  • BECAUSE THEY ROCK IT OUT EVERY YEAR @ ARTOMATIC & EVERYWHERE ELSE!-- Check out the go-go band Mambo Sauce who are kicking it off on the 4th of July. Get the details HERE.

  • BECAUSE SHE SHOWS US SUCH BEAUTY THROUGH HER LENS: Camille Mosley-Pasley and her art exhibit on breastfeeding. Read her profile HERE. Artomatic is not Artomatic without a Camille Mosley-Pasley exhibit.

  • BECAUSE WE LOVE BILLIE HOLIDAY: We should check out DC poetess supreme Dehejia Maat as she takes us on a theatrical journey weaving spoken word and song. She is performing this weekend and in June. Read her profile HERE.

And, of course, you HAVE to come and join all of Liberated Muse on Saturday, June 20 @ 6pm and on Friday, July 3 @ 8pm on the Solo Stage at Artomatic as our family celebrates the new Liberated Muse book anthology Liberated Muse Volume I: How I Freed My Soul. Writers from the book will do readings while performers on our network will perform. The roster of performers include Teisha Marie, Dee Stone, Margaux Delotte-Bennett, Farah Lawal, and more! Our hope is that the book will be out by then for purchase!!

Artomatic this year is a can't miss event!

Visit the Liberated Muse profile on the Artomatic site HERE to get dates and location details.

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