Monday, April 30, 2012

Songs for Janie Show an Enjoyable Presentation

Tamara Wellons debuted her new collection of music Songs for Janie this past Friday and Saturday at Joe's Movement Emporium in Mt. Ranier, MD. Inspired by the character Janie from Zora Neale Hurston's book Their Eyes Were Watching God, the show depicted Wellons as the strong Janie, dazzled by the promise of love and freedom.

Tamara Wellons presents a passionate Janie in her "Songs for Janie"

The venue was an intimate black box setting which added a theatrical flair to the show which included custom costuming and a dynamic four-piece band led by the incredible Zach Cutler with three remarkable backing vocalists-- including N'ea Posey-- supporting Wellons on lead.

Wellons presents a passionate character-- often serious, sometimes sensual with costume changes that happened almost miraculously with how quickly they occured. With a resident TeaCake as part of the show, the show was an unexpected showcase of disciplines as dance, theater and music all had their place.
Tamara Wellons and Risikat Okedeyi participate in a talk-back after the show

Directed and conceptualized by event producer Risikat Okedeyi of Lil SoSo Productions, Songs for Janie is a show worth attending as it will continue to transform and build as a production as it is still in its birthing phase.

Riskat Okedeyi (left) with Shonda Goward and Jessica Solomon of The Saartjie Project with vocalist Quineice

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