Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Poem of the Day: Quiet Storm by David Weeks

(Love Scenes)

Evening Sun sets
Giving way to the night
The Moon rises
Mellow with a yellow glow
As if moving to a jazzy groove
Setting the mood for our evening
Of serenity and peace
A night of Quiet bliss

Midnight Blue sky
Deep blue with passion and emotions
In The Mood For Love
Our anticipation
An Intimate Rumble

Warm front, Cool front merge
High pressure, Low pressure settles
Warm air, Cool air entwine
A night set for a Quiet Storm

Storm winds
Gently carries us across the night sky

The ease in the breeze
Brings a moment of tranquility
White clouds painted on a canvas
Of sky blue, softens the mood
The mist in the air sprinkles us
We are blessed by Morning Light

We made it through the Quiet Storm

by: David L. Weeks
      LASANA Productions
      (c) 2001

Poem of the Day is a spotlight on Liberated Muse poets found on our site LiberatedMuse.com. This is a celebration of April as National Poetry Month.  Find all featured poets on LiberatedMuse.com

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