Monday, November 28, 2011

Maimouna Youssef's New Video "I Got a Man"

Liberated Muse member Diallo Sumbry, founder of The Adinkra Group, has been managing Grammy-nominated singer/rapper Maimouna Youssef since 2009, supporting the young entertainer in crafting an independent music career that is not dependent on traditional gimmicks to attract new listeners appreciative of good music. Since the release of her new CD The Blooming, Maimouna Youssef has presented work that is not only sonically beautiful, but inclusive of many music genres-- from jazz and hip-hop to blues and reggae. In her first video release from The Blooming, “I Got A Man”, she approaches the song’s love triangle theme from a unique perspective showing Maimouna Youssef as an embattled independent music artist searching for a balance between the music business and her love for creating free honest music. Check the video out and leave a comment after you're done!

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