Friday, November 11, 2011

Capital Hip Hop Soul: Kyonte'

Soul-singer Kyonte, based in the Washington, DC area, is primed for fame. Already touring regularly as a support vocalist for singer Raheem Devaughn, Kyonte has been amassing a following for his brand of contemporary soul that stays true to its R & B roots. But, Kyonte, is a multi-layered artist who has not only garnered attention as the show’s main attraction, but as a budding producer as well. Last year, he earned a GRAMMY nomination for his production of Devaughn’s popular anthem “Woman” and he continues to win awards locally in his hometown for his work in front of and behind the microphone. I caught up with Kyonte' while on assignment for Check out an excerpt below from the Q & A and visit the site HERE for the full interview. People may not realize it, but, in addition to touring with him, you co-produced Raheem Devaughn's hit "Woman" which was nominated for a Grammy. Tell us a little about your role as a producer and some other artists you've worked with.

Kyonte: As a producer, I mainly feel that its my job to push everyone around me to the limit and beyond. Whether it’s musically or personally, I enjoy working with people that give me that energy in return.
: You are a DC-based artist, garnering a lot of attention locally as a singer and producer, but you've done a lot nationally and internationally as well. You seem to have passed the point of being an emerging artist and have really created a presence for yourself. What are some next steps you think you want to take as your career blossoms?

Kyonte: As things develop, I'm hungry to deliver great music and be the total package. For the last 6months, I've been working on developing my character and being more disciplined. I've learned over the years that your talent and ability can take you many places but its your character that will sustain you and allow you to grow and evolve into the next stages of your life and career. Your debut CD What's That Sound has been generating buzz, with some calling you the next big thing to come out of DC following the very-popular Raheem Devaughn. Tell us about some of the response you've been getting to your CD and a little bit about the theme of your CD.

Kyonte: First off, the theme is 831-- 8letters 3words 1meaning. It means I LOVE YOU and the EP itself deals with not just relationship type love but more so a love of living and the things that come along with it. I've received an amazing response from the CD...especially in the UK and Japan. They love me and I love them right back. Here in the states, people listen and they often ask "why aren't you signed?" I love the people so much. They give me perspective.

Read the rest of the Q & A HERE

-Khadijah "Moon" Ali-Coleman

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