Monday, October 10, 2011

On Liberated Muse This Week of October 10

Our Community Poem is Another Winner

Our third community poem didn't have more than two participants this time round, but, it was destined to be a poem of sweet and short brilliance that there is no complaint here. Regular contributors Chenyelu Bomani and Jimmy DiLorenzo created this poem I named "Complete Beauty":

Almond shaped eyes
by shades of amber glazed sunsets.
A realization that she is not the voice in her head,
but, rather,
the one who recognizes the voice,
quiets her mind.
The setting sun warms her face
and a feeling of completness engulfs her very being.

Our Community Bloggers Have New Posts Up!

Our Liberated Muse members are an assortment of creatives and bloggers who have an array of new topics to discuss in this week's posts:

Alan King posted "Review of Rachel Eliza Griffith's 'Mule and Pear'"
Chenyelu Bomani "Gem Stones"

New Photos in the Gallery

Liberated Muse member DC's Own Entertainment Company uploaded photos from the recent event "The Revival". Visit their page to see the photos and to read a review of this ground-breaking event. Be sure to also view other photos members have posted in the gallery and add your own!

Meet Our Member of the Month: Nathan Seven Scott

Our October Member of the Month  is a motivational speaker, life coach and new author. Visit our main page to read more about our member of the month, Nathan Seven Scott and learn how you can order his new book that was released on Oct. 7.

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