Monday, April 11, 2011

Killer Stilts by Susan Faucon-- A Fun Conversaton About Being a Human

Raise your hand if you are totally self-actualized and free from the daily war on your self-esteem. Anybody, anybody?

If you are like the majority of us, then you are living a human existence always striving to live your personal best even when everything around you tries to pull you in the other direction. This premise is the foundation of the stage show "Killer Stilts" by singer/songwriter Susan Faucon who presented her original show she calls "theatrical jazz" to a full house yesterday at the Takoma Auditorium located in Takoma Park, MD.

"Killer Stilts", featuring jazz vocalist Karla Chisolm, the winning Liz Briones and Faucon is a unique presentation that includes a conversation between three women who, Faucon says, "are the voices in my head." The three characters-- Pari Noya, Narci Systic and Miriam Webster, are a fiesty trio who bicker and contemplate creation as they transition from song to song with effortless ease.

While the dialogue is often lacking in direction, the music is the definite highlight of this show that won a 2011 Washington Area Music Award (affectionately called a "WAMMIE") earlier this year. From uptempo numbers brilliantly executed by the charming Briones, to bluesy ballads conveyed with heart by Chisolm, the songs are the jewel of this production. Faucon who wrote all of the songs and composed them with the help from the band-- Ro Cube, Wardell Howell and Eric Haskin--also shines vocally as Miriam Webster, giving gentle sincerity to her renditions of her songs "If I Could Just" and "Sweet Surrender", two highlights from the show.
The Killer Stilts band, led by Cube is exceptional.
"Killer Stilts" will be showing in June 3 at Germano's Traittoria next, but before then, Faucon is auditioning interested actresses to play the role of Miriam Webster. You can call 301-793-6550 or visit to schedule an audition. You need to be an actress who sings with professional resume.

-Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman

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