Monday, April 11, 2011

The International Film Festival is Happening Now

What's the only place you can watch over 70 indie films for a small fee?  Well the answer is Washington D.C. at the International Film Festival, taking place April 7-17.  At the festival, anyone can watch various movies from all over the world for $11 as a regular screening.  This week-long event showcases films from France, Iraq, the US and other countries to mark their 25th anniversary. 

The International Film Festival's opening night featured the premiere of Potiche, a stylish French farce, and closing night will show a Swedish comedy called Sound of Noise.  This year's main geographic region series are Nordic Lights: The Old and the New which are new films from Scandinavia and New South Korean Cinema. This event takes place in 9 venues.

Ever since it was created in 1986, the festival's purpose is celebrating all international films, filmmakers, and displaying these movies for movie goers.

For more information about the Filmfest and volunteer opportunities, please check out their website at

-Candace "Ama" Boahene

 Candace "Ama" Boahene is an up and coming peformer and online writer with a promising future in Entertainment by God's grace.  She is an MSU Alumnae and strives for educating individuals about the importance of the arts. Visit her profile on Liberated Muse HERE.

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