Friday, March 11, 2011

We Want to Help You Contact Those Impacted By the Tsunami

A tsunami emanating from the massive earthquake that hit Japan was roaring toward the United States on Friday morning, with huge waves expected to hit Hawaii and California.
Coastal evacuations were ordered in Hawaii, and tsunami warnings were issued along the West Coast, from central California to Alaska. A tsunami warning directs residents of low-lying regions to move inland and to higher ground.

Officials in Southern California closed beaches as a precaution, prohibiting swimming, surfing and fishing off the coast. Experts said that they did not expect flooding and did not call for mandatory evacuations. But they warned that there could be large waves and unusual changes in the currents for several hours. Several schools in the beach areas also planned to close Friday.

Liberated Muse Productions would like to send heartfelt prayers toward those impacted by today's tsunami. Please update us with any news regarding the tsunami-- if you are trying to locate someone, send a message to someone, etc. and we will post on Twitter and Facebook to our audience.

Be Well.

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