Thursday, March 31, 2011

Capital Hip Hop Soul: DJ Alexei Mashes Up The Fugees, 15 Years Later

How disappointing it was to hear that Russian-born producer DJ Alexei left his recent home-base in Washington DC to take his musical aspirations to New York City, but, alas, so it is. But, while DJ Alexei-- who has worked with DMV top acts like the imcomprable KUKU (who is now in Paris-- oh la la) and was part of the now defunct hip-hop duo Fly Gypsy, he is proud to announce the release of his latest project, Alexei Presents ... Drizzy Settles the Score, a mashup album that pairs Drake with a hip-hop classic, The Score by The Fugees. The mashup marks 15 years since the release of The Score.

“The Score is easily my favorite hip-hop album of all time and I still listen to it regularly, often before I sit down to work on my own music,” says Alexei. “To keep it exciting after 15 years, I decided to spice it up a bit. The Score has texture and soul that you don’t find m
uch in today’s production. Put that and Drake together, and you have an incredibly fun listen.”

While we here at Liberated Muse can't say we are the biggest fans of mainstream acts like Drake-- we produce the indie music festival The Capital Hip Hop Soul Fest that showcases acts of superior yet often overlooked talents for God's sake-- but, definitely are fans of Alexei and can guarantee this new mix is a winner.

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