Sunday, July 25, 2010

Liberated Muse is 'Running: AMOK' for the last show in the Capital Fringe Fest

Today is the last show of Liberated Muse's theatre production Running: AMOK in the 5th Annual Capital Fringe Fest. One audience member from last night's show, Ledia Hill, from Baltimore remarked,
"WHAT A FABULOUS PERFORMANCE!!!! ...We are so glad we saw the show. You became the characters. You took us with you. I cannot say enough.... You guys have something so special to look forward to and should be so proud and honored. Thanks for letting us know so we would not miss this event."
Sudani Scott and Lyn Artope rehearse for Running: AMOK's opening in the Capital Fringe Fest

Be sure to catch today's last show, which DC Theatre Scene calls a “…calm, confident musical performance piece..." with songs that "...are slow-burning little gems: some smoky, some bluesy, some sparkly."

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