Thursday, July 1, 2010

Janelle Monae Tips on the 'Tightrope' in Different Outfits

Ok, the title was necessary because of my perception of this fascination with why Janelle Monae tends to wear the same ensemble each time she performs. While I personally couldn't give a damn, apparantly, it angers a few, or, at least, just rubs them the wrong way. She addresses that very issue as she spits some verse in this "Tightrope" remix that we shared with you last month on And, as you can imagine, she does it in the effortless fashion that is her MO. Janelle is one bad lady. Bad, as in good. The video is nice, with Ms.Monae striking some poses in her monochrome gear and doing her "Tightrope" dance that she makes look easier than it is. A fan of Lupe Fiasco, I was thrilled to see him featured physically as well as vocally in the vid alongside the cute newcomer B.o.B who is rocking a sailor cap cocked to the side, a fashion trend I never thought I'd see surface as a male accessory in the 21st century. But, as I learned with skinny jeans, anything is possible.

Be sure to visit to listen to new tracks off of Janelle's latest drop ArchAndroid. We had an online listening party in May and may just have to do it again before leaves the Ning network.  STAY TUNED!

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