Saturday, August 1, 2009

Does Art Matter?

Theater producer and youth worke Anu Yadev facilitated the discussion as part of a workshop of the Capital Fringe Fest
Julianne Brienza, Director of the Capital Fringe Fest talks to those who participated in the "Does Art Matter" discussion. She opened Fringe Fest headquarters for the conversation to take place.

Performer Princess of Controversy was one of the artists who participated.

Last week, Liberated Muse was in the house in a discussion held at Fort Fringe in DC that revolved around the question "Does Art Matter".

Visual artists, theater folk, singers and venue owners talked about why and how art matters and shared feelings about how art is integral in the everyday.

Liberated Muse will host an upcoming conversation which will include action items to enhance the arts scene in DC. Interested in taking part? Stay tuned for details...

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