Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Beat Ya Feet Kings on America's Best Dance Crew on MTV

Ok, we LOVE the Beat Ya Feet Kings! This DC-based dance group, managed by last month's Liberated Muse member of the month, Diallo Sumbry are a group of talented young adults (one lady is part of the group, despite the name) and have been dancing in the area for the past three years. They have wowed audiences while also serving as youth workers who have worked in schools in southeast DC, the area they hail from.

We would like to congratulate them on their upcoming tv performance on America's Best Dance Crew on MTV and want the entire Liberated Muse community to vote for them to stay on the show. Check out the video below Liberated Muse member MYST studios took on the spot when the wonderful dance crew obliged to an impromtu dance at the request of a little girl who is a big fan. Click here to view video on Facebook:

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