Monday, February 2, 2009

Props to solSource for Their Trailblazing Hip Hop Cinema Event

This weekend was a busy one for me and I was battling back pain which made it even tougher to make most of my appointments. On Saturday, I missed Mace's and I weekend four hour-long meeting to plan for this year's Capital Hip Hop Soul Fest and I after taking a muscle relaxant and crashing for three hours, I managed to miss the inaugural Hip Hop Cinema Cafe which kicked off at 2pm on Saturday. I arrived around 5:30pm as people were leaving.

The show wasn't over, however.

On the steps of the Historical Society of DC, MCs Enoch the 7th Prophet, Labtekwon and others got to rippin a freestyle cipher that warmed up the space, smoke literally rising from the circle's middle. I was able to link up with one half of solSource, Kimani Anku, and get a rundown of what I missed inside but let him know wholeheartedly that what he and his partner Brandon Felton are creating is a true legacy for our DC metro area.

Here are some photos I got while the brothas were spittin:

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