Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New York Post Uses Their Amendment Rights to Offend & Insult

If you hadn't read or heard about this offensive cartoon, then, my question is where have you been?

Here's the ten-second rundown: NY Post Cartoonist drew the cartoon above referencing the recent Chimp attack and stimulus plan signing and people are pissed because the inference is that Obama is the dead chimp and the cartoonist and the Post are MIA (missing in action, duh) when the questions runneth forth. (exhale...that was a run-on sentence).

It's ignorant, yes. But, really. Don't we expect things like this? I mean, we are talking about a country that has newly elected a BLACK man after hundreds of years of enslavement of Black folk, followed by legal lynching, followed by legal segregation, followed by reverse-discrimination (wtf?), followed by racial profiling...etc., etc. This country is sick...sick in every sense of the word-- mentally, physically and spiritually.

Electing a Black man is a major deal because it never happened before. The plus is that Obama is really smart, is poised and not offensive. But, the reality is is that his election has not eradicated the racist tendencies of those who still hold supremacist views of black inferiority and a sense of entitlement that screams for attention.

While I will be blowing up the cartoonist's email address at or to ask him WTF he was thinking, I believe that his racist humor and the Post's disrespectful interpretation of the Bill of Rights makes it a little bit easier for us to keep focused on realizing that the quest to create change did not end with Obama's election, but instead, has only begun.

Here's more on the story HERE

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