Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Will We Ever Get Sick of Looking At This?

They look at each other as if they are in the early stages of romance, not a decade plus long marriage. He opens her car door for her, even when flanked by secret service, chauffeurs and every other type of grunt-man on hand who could do it for him. He kisses her after each speech, gently, softly, not rushed and in chicken peck fashion or as if under duress. She looks at him soulfully each time he speaks, as if she is sending him telepathic energy and encouragement..."I love you baby, you are doing great."
Meet our First Lady and President of the United States.
Aside from the rock star delirium his presence seems to ensue wherever he goes nowadays, Obama has perfected the art of PDA--Public Displays of Affection-- taking it to a level that has hardly been seen before by a public so voyeuristically trained by our overdosing on tabloids and gossip blogs, that we can sniff out a fake more than a mile away.
Never skanky or condescending, the affection Barack and Michelle display towards each other in front of the masses is the ideal display every woman has at least longed for at one point of their life and what every man probably thinks they could do if they wanted, but would probably say they could only do with the right woman. Their PDA is intimate and gentle yet durable and playful at times.
Will we ever get sick of looking at that? I don't know about you, but my answer is an emphatic NO!

On another note, how about the new prez's dancing moves when he and Michelle went to-- not one, not two but TEN inaugural balls? (I'm tired just thinking of the travel involved). Check out the vid above for some comic relief.

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