Thursday, January 15, 2009

W. Ellington Felton Directs New Raheem Devaughn Video , Verdict: We Like, We Like It!

Raheem Devaughn's new video "Four-Letter Word" is an artistic delight in its simplistic visual that shows us everything we really want to see-- Devaughn singing, seductively licking his lips and emoting as only he knows how. The sprinkle of four-letter words cascading down the screen are simple accents to a video that shows us just why we dig on Devaughn...he can sing, duh!

Directed by DC's own W. Ellington Felton,-- who in his own right is a talented triple threat as a singer, actor, and video director-- the video incorporates a sense of community as Felton cites names of his and Devaughn's fans underneath the chosen words that are showcased in the video. Yours truly was thrilled to see my name as one of the first featured as was, I'm sure, were other fans who were mentioned in the video after sharing through Facebook with Felton our favorite four-letter words.

With this video, Felton and Devaughn are choosing the route that many artists are choosing, whether they are indie artists or big label affiliated...and that is, include your fan base in whatever creative way you can fathom, it will reap rewards in the long run. This brings to mind such revolutionary acts such as Saul Williams and Radiohead.

Saul Williams' big deal promotion of his cult classic "Niggy Tardust" which included an initial free download may not have reaped in the big bucks first off, but the album has amassed such a following and familiarity with his work that I will guess the benefits will be far-reaching when it comes to his next project .

Liberated Muse says "kudos" to out-of-the-box" thinking artists who are bringing us their product all the way live, keeping their artistry intact, with integrity and with the public in mind and in the middle. We love you:-)

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