Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Capital Hip Hop Soul: Singer Gloria Ry'ann (@GloriaRyann)

The third featured artist in our Capital Hip Hop Soul series is the beautiful and very talented singer Gloria Ry'ann. Gloria came into our radar in 2009 when noted photographer Stevie Robinson, a music aficionado and host of her own music radio show,  began sharing exclusive photos and singles from Gloria's performances in New York, creating a buzz about this budding new artist that was unstoppable. In a relatively short span of time and without a full CD out yet, Gloria has already amassed a strong following of fans who are highly anticipating the release of her yet-to-be titled project that is set to drop this year. With a voice heralded as being the "next Minnie Ripperton" and a sensual delivery that has attracted the amour of many a love-struck fan, Gloria shares in our Q & A a few things that we probably wouldn't have expected, but are happy to learn about. Be sure to look out for part two of this interview on SoulTrain.com at the end of February.

Liberated Muse: How do you respond to the comparisons to the legendary Minnie Ripperton?

Gloria Ry’ann: Wow!! Such an honor to be compared to one of the greatest
singers ever!!! I still can't believe that I can be compared to possibly
the 8th wonder of the world. She is now and will always be a musical icon that I aspire to. I am forever humble and grateful.

Liberated Muse: What feeling do you want listeners to take from your

Gloria Ry’ann: Music is part of one’s soul. My music is honest! My music can heal and it's very vulnerable and open. I want people to hear me--the real
person singing to their souls!

Liberated Muse: If you couldn't sing tomorrow and you had to change careers, what would you turn your efforts toward?

Gloria Ry’ann: I have often thought of that, I see myself assisting those who are less fortunate than me. There are so many troubled youth and broken hearts and spirits in this world. People need to be embraced and loved. I see myself working with inner city youths.

Liberated Muse: Name three artists you would love to work with and tell
us why.

Gloria Ry’ann: Maxwell—[he has] dynamic energy, a phenomenal entertainer, fantastic smile. He lives his music! Quincy Jones--a living legend. He has worked with the greats from Miles Davis, Michael Jackson, Sarah Vaughan, Jay-Z, Ella Fitzgerald-- just to name a few. The musical genius that he is and the wisdom he possesses, it would be pinnacle of my life. Prince-- he could help to bring out the colors of my voice. I believe he understands my artistry and the lessons of music he could impart. I would be eager to be his student. It would be an honor.

Liberated Muse: How do you think music can change the world for the better?

Gloria Ry’ann: I love this question, Music is a language, it has no boundaries and it is truly a uniting force. Music has a way of touching people, soothing entertaining and healing. I am blessed to be in a profession that possesses so many attributes.

Liberated Muse: Tell us something that probably few people know about you.

Gloria Ry’ann: There are many things that you would find amusing about me. I am actually a comedian at heart. I look for opportunities to help people feel good. I love laughter and I make a mean banana pudding.....wink*

Stay tuned for PART TWO of the Gloria Ry'ann interview on SoulTrain.com later this month.

You can listen to Gloria's music on Reverbnation, Facebook, MySpace & Twitter

-Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman

Khadijah is a writer based in the Washington DC metro area. Visit her online at KhadijahOnline.com

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